Stock Market Guide to the Kenyan Stock Market

The Nairobi Stock Exchange: A Stock Market Beacon in Africa

The calm interiors of the Nairobi Stock Exchange hit you as a kind of stock market paradise amidst the commercial and industrial hustle-bustle of all Africa. Here is an organization which functions professionally, and goes the extra mile to attract international capital on advantageous terms. The Nairobi stock market arena suffers from none of the bureaucratic controls on transactions in hard currencies, which plagued the emerging world for so much of the post colonial 20th century. Kenya won freedom from foreign rule relatively late compared to many Asian countries, but the local stock market has been quick to implement modern reforms and working systems. Any entity can invest in Kenya, and freely repatriate profits. The stock market is well organized and it is convenient to source funds and to locate relevant information for making rational investments. Generous fiscal incentives in the form of a series of tax incentives and averments help Kenya compete for funds against other destinations.

Kenya is obviously more than a stock market, and the country has a number of structural attractions, its weaknesses notwithstanding. Its bio-diversity and scenic locales are famous throughout the tourist world. This has considerable stock market significance because it is feasible to develop a number of new projects to cater to the vacation industry. The topography of the land lends itself to broad-based agriculture, though the country is subject to recurrent spells of drought. Kenya is rich in limestone and some precious gems, and has a particularly well developed cement industry. A third of all exports are to the United States and to Europe. The large Christian-majority population constitutes a work force of considerable potential. Democracy has taken durable roots in the country, and there are concerted attempts to root out the specter of corruption. The country is a model for its neighbors, combining its natural resources with improved governance in a bid for economic and stock market development. The waves of investment, which the world has seen of late in countries such as China and India can be repeated and even increased as countries such as Kenya realize the untapped potentials of Africa.