Why Stock Market Experts Choose the Chicago Board Options Exchange

No one on a stock market floor would have been surprised if the CBOE had flopped. After all, options and unmanageable risks are almost synonymous. The Chicago Board Options Exchange was formed in 1973, and the rest of the 20th century was hardly conducive for building portfolios on options. It would have been entirely understandable had the CBOE been consigned to the waste bins of stock market history.

Surprise, surprise! The CBOE has consistently caught stock market skeptics on the wrong foot. This unique institution has grown from strength to strength, and emerged as an undisputed leader in the pioneer and uncertain roles which options play in every stock market. The notional values of contracts managed by the CBOE top a staggering $10 trillion every year.

Envy has little space in the uncompromising stock market ambience. It is not enough to admire the CBOE. Every serious stock market observer can understand how to use options better by appreciating the factors behind the CBOE dream story. Chicago is known for many lessons it has taught the stock market world, but the CBOE is a particularly stellar unit in this fabulous constellation!

A key factor for the CBOE success is its determination to stay in tune with changing times and with new technology. It has periodically expanded its physical resources, even as it made screen-based transactions accessible to all. The electronic products and services of the Chicago Board Options Exchange draw in new investors from all over the world, even as its generous trading floor at the home base caters to the conventions and preferences of veterans.

The CBOE is innovative and aggressive. It has launched a slew of new products at regular intervals, bringing verve and sophistication to the craft of stock market operations in and through options. Neither NYSE nor NASDAQ can afford to ignore the CBOE, and the products of this proud Chicago organization hold their own in the uncompromising atmosphere of New York.

However, investor education remains the greatest forte of the CBOE, and its most crucial stock market contribution as well. The Chicago Board Options Exchange has invested enormously and effectively in raising awareness levels of how to use options as legitimate and systematic ways of building net worth on any stock market. It has succeeded in taking much of the folklore and guesswork out of options as they used to be decades ago.

Be a CBOE regular-in person if you are fortunate enough to be a Chicago resident, or through the Internet wherever you may live!