Which Other Stock Can Match This Dividend Record?

Walk the talk. This adage has renewed utility today. Stock brokers and analysts abound, but no one guarantees dividends. Your payout is the only sure part about stock market advice. Even a mutual fund will make you sign away all accountability. You get a share only if the fund manager succeeds in stock picks. Why not do your own stock investing if you have to take the risks?

You will love that Bush stimulus check even if you plan to vote democrat. It is the same with any dividend. Admire or despise executives with exorbitant salaries, it is fine as long as there is a payout in your favor. Stock appreciation comes in handy when you are in distress and need a heap of cash fast. Otherwise, a dividend makes your quarter. Those checks will be missed sorely as house-hold ends get tougher to meet.

Consider yourself extraordinarily fortunate if you have inherited Colgate-Palmolive Company (NYSE: CL) stocks. Hang on to them, no matter what the Fed says. A Senior Vice-President of the company sold some stocks last month. Perhaps he did not have time to bank the dividend checks. The CEO has taken home more than $8 million for 2007. Well, he is worth it. That is because his team has managed an 11% dividend increase for the Most Recent Quarter.

CL started business in 1923. It sells an extraordinary variety of products in 200 countries. The dividend payout is simply amazing. Generations of stock owners have grown up and passed on with never a quarterly break in checks. Return on Equity over the last five years has averaged a staggering 143.72. Clean your mouth with something else if you like, but lose no time in shoring your portfolio with CL stocks.