What the Making of a Singapore Girl Can Tell the Stock Market (Part 2)

What the Making of a Singapore Girl Can Tell the Stock Market (Part 1)

How Training Adds to Stock Value
Training in Singapore Airlines is a continuous process, but the first round, when one joins, last all of four months. Basic principles are taught in class-room formats, before trainees get to work in realistic mock set-ups. Finally, they work on real flights under the watchful eyes of trainers and seniors. Faculty is an eye-opening mix of full-timers, third-party specialists, and senior operating crew. Appraisal is stringent so that only the fully capable can graduate. The scope of training is very broad, ranging from wine literacy to being able to handle severe emergencies in the air. The process is substantially repeated every time the airline gets new aircraft. Safety training is refreshed each year even for old aircraft and veteran crew members.

How good is training in the organization with which you are associated? Are you a victim of inappropriate recruitment or a ‘villain’? Have you been through ground-breaking training last year, or provided it to your subordinates? It is not our purpose to make unflattering comparisons with Singapore Airlines, but to underscore how top recruitment and training practices can put you ahead. Even monies saved by outsourcing can turn in to business nightmares if call center personnel in some strange country upset key customers!

Stocks Live!

Hardened stock investors may be unaccustomed to the concept, but the modern organization is primarily about people. Every airline has similar jets, but Singapore Airlines brands distinctly through recruitment and training superiorities. Stock investors look at fixed assets as objects of value, and recruitment and training activities as extravagant expenses: it is time to switch things around! People do not depreciate from year to year unless they are neglected. Those with long years of service may represent decisive competitive strengths, provided that employers make adequate and regular investments in developing human resources. Never forget that organizations are like living bodies: stock value derives from individuals and teams.

Now it is your turn! Tell us every detail of your experiences with interviews. Have you been asked inappropriate questions? Did you land up in the wrong job because you did not understand requirements when you were interviewed? Have you made recruitment errors? What about training? Please join our forum and share your views on the People and Process elements of the Marketing Mix. We, in the meantime, journey to look for other examples of service excellence. Our interest now is in small business, or rather, business that started out small, but which has grown quickly and rapidly because of how it has been managed. Do bookmark our website to read our findings and let us know if you would like a custom alert.