The Most Liquid and Precious Stocks (Part 2)

However, such vast integration is technically unlikely, and investors must generally settle for stocks of companies that specialize in a particular type of pollutant.

Water reclamation has increased by 36% between 1990 and 1995 in the United States. The practice has spread from arid areas to places such as Florida and Mississippi, which have relatively abundant fresh water reserves. This proves that the commercial demand for water recycling is not limited to paucity of supplies alone, but that it is also driven by ecological awareness and conservation considerations. The large scale execution of water recycling projects in the United States will give the companies concerned an edge in terms of extending their enterprises to other countries.

Stochastic Modeling for Stocks

Investors, anxious to find the best stocks, may not have patience with the various technologies and possibilities of water management, if they do not get leads to the best companies in the business. Fortunately, it is not difficult to find lists of the various kinds of manufactured goods and expert services involved in the judicious use, conservation, and recycling of water resources. Assessing which of these companies represent the best picks for stocks is another matter. Many operators do not have reams of historical data since they have started operations only recently. Therefore, assessments of future values of stocks have to be projected on the basis of modeled rather than time-series data. The Markowitz model is especially useful for translating investment objectives and constraints for a relatively new and emerging sector such as that for water resources.

Stochastic modeling can also be used to simulate conditions in which water treatment businesses can become feasible investment opportunities. This approach can help technology owners to raise support and funds for their projects. It will also help communities to perceive the values of abundant and clean water supplies more accurately than seems to be the case in most countries at present!

The Most Liquid and Precious Stocks (Part 1)