Stocks of Professional Marketers (Part 2)

Stocks of Professional Marketers (Part 1)
Branding is a complex process and it stands in shifting sands. Customer research, competitive intelligence, product presentation, pricing, and channels of distribution, are just some of the hurdles which marketing professionals must negotiate, before they can expect any branding impact. It is not as though resources for these wars are unlimited, because branding investments have 100% depreciation, and must fit in with the revenues of each calendar year. Truthfully, investors should allow firms to make losses in order to attain high future values for their stocks, but how often do we hear such talk in financial circles?

Customers Sentence Stocks!

The best marketing professionals know that a business primarily and eternally needs customers. Cash shortages, power outages, natural disasters, and new regulations, are all easily manageable compared to the disastrous effects of customers looking the other way. Giant corporations are at the mercies of children and home makers! Customers are varied and capricious, taking away large chunks of profits through deals and deep discounts. The balancing act between profitability and market share calls for the talents of a trapeze artist on the part of a marketing professional! Realty is an example of a product with such a long purchase cycle that even a momentary slip can cause enormous losses.

Stocks of companies such as Del MonteM are always top buys, because the combined learning that goes in to finding and holding customers is amongst the rarest of gems in the business world. The functions of marketing are popularly underrated and therein hide many opportunity losses for average investors.

Please share your insights about Del Monte and your favorite brands with us. We would love to know how you account for brand values when making investment decisions for stocks, and your views on the matters discussed in this article.