Stocks from the Sun (Part 2)

Stocks from the Sun (Part 1)
Solar energy is not clean, but is suited for decentralization as well. Every corporation and factory, just as each house-hold, can generate more than their own needs. It might put some large power plants out of business, but solar power does not need to be transmitted over ugly and hazardous lines: it can be generated at the very sites of consumption. It is also abundant, and can meet the needs of the fastest growing economies, with plenty to spare for our coming generations!

The United States has always subsidized the generation and use of clean energy and power forms. However, stung by stunning growth rates of solar power in countries such as India, experts in North America have begun to question the dimensions of financial incentives given for solar power. The social costs of pollution and of guarding strategic nuclear materials, as well as of safe disposal of wastes, need to be factored in to subsidies for solar energy. The writing is pretty clear on the wall that solar energy prices are set to fall. This will have a kind of stereo effect on companies such as First Solar, which are able to reduce generating costs through sheer technological brilliance.

Solar energy has the prime advantage of retaining all the benefits and privileges of industrialization, while cutting through piles of environmental degradation like the proverbial hot knife and butter!

First and Third World Stocks in Solar Energy

A major factor which stalls international negotiations on conservation efforts is the confrontation between the first and third worlds. Each blames the other for polluting the environment, and endless conferences later, we are not agreed on who should bell the cat! Solar energy takes the pollution bull by the horns and solves intractable problems regardless of per capita spending powers by country! Strangely, many of the world’s poor live in and around the equatorial latitude, and sunshine is about the only thing they have in plenty! This must be why tech-savvy India has taken such a vanguard position in solar energy, and it is certain that other emerging countries will follow suit sooner or later. This is not at the cost of the first world, because even the world richest cities and most industrialized zones can use the rays of the sun without any discrimination. The implication for companies such as First Solar that the world is at their feet, and no country can afford to stay away from providing custom.

The only thing more foolhardy than delaying investments in First Solar stocks would be to sell them!