Stock Markets World Business – Swiss Exchange

The SWX has an exchange turnover of about 1.5 trillion CHF (Swiss Francs), with an impressive growth of 18% in 2005 over the previous year. Transactions have grown by 22%., while market capitalization has jumped by about a third. The SWX has emerged as a major world stock market, with a special image of comprehensive and effective regulation. Transparent procedures have earned the trust of investor communities from all over the world. We may expect a significant diversion of global funds from other countries to the highly reliable SWX during the current phase of global stock market uncertainty.

The SWX participates transactions in Swiss and international bonds, public funds, foreign shares and derivatives, apart from Swiss shares. It therefore offers a comprehensive range of services, and enables investors and members to transact on a global scale with Swiss standards of precision and convenience. The SWX is equally adept at information services as it is in Swiss cash product transactions.