Poker Principles to Win No Matter Which Card China Deals

China and the United States have such inter-twined trade relations that the stock market can no longer remain a passive spectator. Some major US banks have established strong business links with Beijing, and that includes even approaching their sovereign funds for help with the sub-prime mess. What can you do?

Taking a part of your stock market investments to China is a gradual appreciation process to consider. How can you do this? Look for stock registered and regulated in the US, which does it main business in China. Take Worldwide Energy and Manufacturing USA Incorporated (OTC: WEMU) for example. This San Bruno, CA Company has subsidiaries in the engineering business of China. Chindex International Incorporated (CHDX) does something similar in healthcare. It is based in Bethesda, MD, is listed on NASDAQ, and operates classy hospitals in Beijing and Shanghai! There are other cards like WEMU and CHDX on the stock market, and they can keep you on the plus side no matter what the Chinese do next!

Do you have business links with China? What do you think of their taking over some of our best corporations? Should we plan to do more business with them? Join our forum and take part in our dialog on US policies with respect to the emerging market world.