Online Stock from the David/Goliath Fable (Part 2)

Online Stock from the David/Goliath Fable (Part 1)
Taxation has always been integral to financial planning; the Internet makes this part of our lives much easier as well. We or our tax preparers can file returns without paper, and answer questions from the IRS without ever visiting their offices in person. Electronic commerce makes it nearly automatic to keep full accounting records to support our deductions and the credits we claim. We can join the IRS newswire service, visit their web site regularly, and even monitor deliberations in Congress on new tax legislation.

Brainstorming for Online Stock Profits and Growth

The Internet is a product of the United States, so foreigners should not grudge this country leadership in using the medium for individual and group benefits. However, the World Wide Web has found competent and imaginative users in the most unexpected countries. Outsourcing and call centers are popular examples of how the Internet has helped many world economies apart from US consumers and companies. The implication is that it is up to each of us to review our professional and financial lives, and think of all the things we can do better by leveraging the Internet for our personal and vocational benefits. It is common to reflect on social networking as one of the top achievements of the World Wide Web, but the truth is that we can use the electronic infrastructure productively, rather than for pleasure alone.

You must be an accomplished Internet user. Please join our forum and tell our community about all the ways in which the World Wide Web has affected your life. We would love to hear about changes that you have made to your portfolio of stocks in order to adapt to the new realities of the Internet age. Please make your first post soon!