New Kids on the Stock Market Block

The stock market is similar to a Presidential campaign. Both promise change. Any day can bring an amazing swing. Top candidates may wait in the shadows. Some of the people who make most noise lack substance. Ralph Nader is not likely to earn your vote. However, you will probably find it hard to disagree with his views. Extend this phenomenon to stock investing. Galvanize your portfolio. Move away from mutual funds. Look for stocks that lack rah-rah but not cash. How can you do this?

1. Look at Pink Sheets (PK) and Over-the-Counter Bulletin Boards (OTCBB) with fresh eye-glasses. It is a bit like fishing. You are more likely to land junk or nothing. However, with patient observation, you will learn how to land great fish. Remember, you can jump start the process by engaging our professional service to fish in new stock market waters.
2. Move some dollars abroad. Online stock trading can wipe out a portfolio in a day. There are also reliable ways of diving in to foreign stock pools. The trick is to sample exotic omelets without losing all your eggs. Study all US registered companies that do business in foreign economies. Yes, we mean BRIC and the EU, not Zimbabwe.
3. Become a technology buff. Join web sites that review genetics, proteins, new materials, and outer space. Ask physicians, engineers, and researchers about revolutionary changes in their fields. Here is a link to a relevant page on this web site: Technology Sector

No one has exclusive rights to the value investing Mantra. You may not want to become a stock Guru. However, who would not like to spot new stars of the stock market? Cash apart, watching small stocks succeed is pure joy.