How the Software Guild Can Win the H1 B Visa War

1. Enroll in continuing education online. Keep pace with the skills that the guys with H1 B visas have.

2. Move parts of your work online. Prove to your employer and customers that you can match foreign workers on the cost front.

3. Learn at least one of these languages: Chinese, Russian, Spanish, and Portuguese. Fight to get an H1 B visa equivalent from another country. Yes, this can also be online from your home.

4.Work harder. Cut back on leisure. Grab every assignment. Extra money is not an issue. Just become indispensable.

5. Improve your team’s functioning. It is much harder to replace a group of employees than just one individual.

Job security is in your hands. Washington lobbies will always win. Taking on celebrity-owned corporations is for the birds. Gird your loins and prepare to defend your livelihood.

One final tip: we have kept it for the end. That is because we have an axe to grind in this. Rev up your stock investing. Stand by to survive on dividend checks. That is just by way of extreme contingency planning.