Emergency Protection against the Gathering Inflation Storm

Why Food Stocks Are Best Picks Today”. This article gives a business flavor to the world grain shortages. However, there are humanitarian considerations as well. 2008 has got off to a bad start in inflation terms. It could get worse.

Inflation affects jobs. Outsourcing will hurt even more as employment wells dry up at home. That is why inflation affects poor and middle-class people most. You have to scrounge to keep food on the table. There is nothing left for vacations and electronic toys. Action, not worrying, will protect you from getting hurt by inflation. We have done some thinking on the subject. Here is a list of things you can do to ride out the inflation storm:

  • Switch to alternative energy for your car and home.
  • Sell stocks of companies that make luxury goods.
  • Stop using goods made in Euros.
  • Use your time, home, knowledge, and savings to build new revenue lines.
  • Change to health insurance with lower or no co-payments.
  • Use barter deals with your customers and friends, in preference to cash payments.
  • Improve your credit rating.
  • Negotiate long credits for payments, but collect in cash on the barrel head.
  • Invest in futures of the Basic Materials Sector.
  • Build inventories of your essential consumables.
  • Start formal budgeting of personal and house-hold expenses, with strict and progressive expense cuts every month.
  • Become a deal and value maniac when you shop.
  • Move to a lower cost neighborhood. Shun social networking with the wealthy.
  • Disregard rumors. Do not panic.

Our forum is open if you would care to add to or question our list. Join today and take cover to emerge from inflation relatively unscathed. It will not hurt even if the storm peters out before making land fall.