Customer Benefits versus Profits for Financial Planning Service Providers (Part 2)

Customer Benefits versus Profits for Financial Planning Service Providers (Part 1)
Business Differences between External and Internal Marketing
It is relatively safe for stock investors to support Internal Marketing investments, while continue to be skeptical of External Marketing extravaganzas. The People and Process elements of Internal Marketing are likely to be the most productive parts of a Marketing Mix. Unfortunately, most stock market quarters are more tuned to External Marketing developments, and little is known about the recruitment, training, and logistics planning processes of companies that are top stock picks of yesteryear. Studies of Internal Marketing processes over time, especially lean ones, can help stock investors distinguish between stocks of the past and others that are headed in to stagnation and decline.

Executives at all levels are deeply influenced by stock market attention. It is only natural to ignore business management aspects that stock investors do not seem to value, and to spend company time preparing to answers questions that are expected at the next earnings conference or web seminar. Therefore, stock investors and analysts focused on stock market conditions can head executives in directions of productive marketing investments by asking for factual and independent reviews of marketing initiatives made in the past. Finance is a business management discipline that teaches stock investors to look ahead, but a productive perspective towards marketing suggests putting a pair of eyes at the back of your head!

Targeting Travails for Stock Investors

Segmentation is such an internal and secret process that some companies may get it all wrong, or even ignore the business process altogether! Knowledgeable marketing professionals will agree that stock investors gloss over targeting choices made by executives. Review conferences between executives of most companies and stock investors: you will almost certainly find that segmentation prerogatives find no places on any agenda! There is little use in grumbling, so let us start probing customer and market segments that companies choose, and whether business transformation can take place by switching targets. We have started research on a topic entitled “National, Communal, and Economic Clusters for Top Stock Picks”. We expect to publish our findings in due course. Do bookmark this web site, or join our forum to ask for a custom alert if you would like to participate in a dialog on the links between segmentation and stock value.