Can You Spurn Such a Stock Investment Gift? (Part 2)

Can You Spurn Such a Stock Investment Gift? (Part 1)
Global Stock Trading Implications of Coal Revival

Energy security is such a vital national issue that entities with even the best technologies for clean coal could find the going tough without effective government support. Lobbyists and domestic partners in foreign countries have determining influences in winning large contracts for clean coal technologies. Financial planning based on use of sequestering harmful emissions in coal use has to account for stock trading in key circles. Some pioneering technologists in the clean coal arena are academic by nature, and fail to appreciate the nuances of large government administrations. However, such ‘innocence’ can also be perceived as the source of potential stock value!

The U.S. Congress has begun to sit up and take notice of the fact that the nation has enormous coal stocks that can now be used for clean and cheap power. Senators are quickly scrambling aboard the clean coal bus, soon after allowing other countries to pursue the uranium route! Selected OTCBB stocks in the clean coal business present extraordinary financial potentials as a result. Earlier efforts related to the coal industry were restricted to promoting the use of plants with top thermal efficiency ratings, and the use of superior grades of coal, but underground sequestering methods for polluting gases have given new fillips to coal stocks. Many nations without high stakes in crude oil or natural gas may follow the lead of the United States with respect to encouraging clean coal technologies.

US Tax Incentives for Clean Coal

More than $1 billion are available as tax credits for corporations using clean coal technologies, in the United States alone. Imagine what this vast sum of tax savings can do for your stock dividends. Mind you, not all clean coal use can automatically claim these benefits. The Department of Energy and the Internal Revenue Service have the rights to pick and choose beneficiaries of this public largesse. Corporations that are able to make it to this favored list are obviously top stock picks.

Please use the first quarterly performance reviews of 2008, which will be for the last quarter and full year 2007, to quiz executives in the companies where you hold stocks, as to how much tax credit they have been able to claim for generating and using power from clean coal technologies. Make sure that they are on the ball with respect to liaising with the authorities, as far as approval is concerned, so that cash flows from Uncle Sam’s coffers to yours!