Brazil Revisited as a Top Stock Investment Destination (Part 2)

Brazil Revisited as a Top Stock Investment Destination (Part 1)
European Support for Brazilian Stocks
Historical links between modern Brazil and Europe are well established facts, but Spain and Portugal have been special in their financial investments and infrastructural support for the Brazilian economy and the stock market in local times. Therefore, the global appreciation of the Euro has important long term implications for Brazil’s stock exchange development. The benefits are mutual since the European Union can take heart from the fact that Brazil is now the 11th largest economy in the world, the third biggest west of Greenwich, besides the leader of all South America. The country’s real is also an appropriate and reliable currency for stock investment from other parts of the world.

Only the United States has more stock investment in Brazil than Spain. The latter has pumped some 30 billion euros in to the economy and the stock market. Brazil will probably take on Spanish as an official language soon. Spain has a multifarious presence in Brazil, traversing sectors from farm production to high technology areas such as telecommunications. The economic links are poised to grow further as small and medium entities from Spain follow the country’s international giants from establishing permanent foot prints in the Brazilian economy and stock market. Portugal seems to have focused sharply on Brazil’s tourism potential, and has established an impressive market share in this key segment.

The Best Brazilian Stock Market Attractions

The Brazilian stock market is full of goodies! The interest rate in 2007 has been no less than 4 times the 3% inflation! Though interest rates are likely to descend in to single figures in due course, the enormous and rapid economic growth makes Brazil a top destination for all financial services. These are also the factors to make infrastructure stocks, realty, consumer goods, and educational services highly attractive for investors. Brazil is set to extend its leadership in ethanol to other alternative forms of energy. Its massive arable area and fertile soil make it a natural leader for all farm produce: small wonder that the government has been so tenacious about World Trade Organizations negotiations with respect to agricultural subsidies. The tourism sector is another area full of opportunities for stocks of service providers of all types and sizes.

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