ACA – A Platform for Angel Investment Groups

Although it is not known for sure who coined the phrase, with some ascribing it to Greek philosopher Plato, it is a universal truth that “necessity is the mother of invention” and difficult situations often inspire innovative solutions. With the job market in the United States showing no convincing evidence of improving, entrepreneurs with vision are taking the initiative to put ideas into action, not only providing an income for themselves and their families, but often generating job opportunities for others. Having an innovative idea is one thing, but getting it going takes capital, and this is where Angel Investors come to the rescue.

In North America, the Angel Capital Association (ACA) brings together more than one hundred of the continent’s largest angel investor groups, providing a platform for networking, innovation and the sharing of ideas with regard to funding, and mentoring, entrepreneurs. The ACA serves as a representative in monitoring and initiating public policy for the angel community, advancing policies at both state and federal level to support and promote the concept of angel investing. The organization is led by a Board of Directors drawn from leading angel investment groups. Members of the Angel Capital Association include the Piedmont Angel Network; First Angel Network; Sierra Angels; New Mexico Angels; Sand Hill Angels; Robin Hood Ventures; Innovation Park; Springboard Capital; Tacoma Angel Network; Washington Technology Center; Hyde Park Angels; Saint; Beacon Angels; Boise Angel Network and Queen City Angels, to mention just a few.

ACA is the Angel Resource Institute (previously known as the Angel Capital Education Foundation) operating as a non-profit organization focused on providing practical training and education, as well as being a resource center for the field of angel investing. With the belief that angel investors should collaborate with the start-up companies they are investing in, the ACA and Angel Resource Institute (ARI) make every effort to reach out to the entrepreneurial community. Programs presented by ARI include seminars, research projects, reports and education workshops, with the programs being made available to entrepreneurs, investors, policy makers, professional supporters of entrepreneurship, and others who may be interested in start-up and early-stage capital investment. To this end ARI have joined forces with the StartUp America Partnership – helping entrepreneurs make their ideas reality.