A Marketing Management Approach to the Stock Market

The best accountants are not typical marketing Gurus. There is a strong public image of how stock investing is done. You see pictures of nerds staring at three computer screens at the same time. It does not seem to be the stuff that consumer types should touch.

Marketing takes new meaning after you have been through business school. This Management branch is about more than models, advertising, and public relations. Segmentation and Targeting are key steps of the Marketing Planning process. The best stocks invariably have this business step in good order.

Segmentation principles apply to tock picks. Clustering is an advanced and profitable variation of classic Segmentation. A winning stock portfolio is just like a cluster devised by a Marketing expert. A stock analyst who does not know or use Segmentation and Clustering procedures is likely to miss a whole bag of tricks.

You can use knowledge to create a moat. Differentiate from the competition, but keep the most important steps under cover. Segmentation can work for stocks at various levels. Pick countries, sectors, industries, and individual securities. Adrian Payne is one of the best established authors on Segmentation and Clustering. Read his books and apply the concepts to your stock investing moves.

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