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Top Stock Picks of the Spring Mating Season

9 may 2008 - Markets - Editor

Birds and stocks start singing around the middle of every April. Mates and investors are in top demand. Everyone gets new plumage. Statements and songs are rigorously rehearsed. You cannot afford to remain unheard.

It is time to shake out your portfolio. Should you hold that stock or exchange it for another? A garage sale is worth your while. The cash will come in handy. You could also find places for vintages at incredible prices.

Earnings are reported every quarter. The analogy with spring is not entirely right. However, April 2008 has unusual significance. It is the first occasion for US business to tell the stock market about the stimulus package.

No CEO can dodge questions to which every stock owner deserves answers. Here is a list that you may find useful this earnings season.

  • Is this stock part of the recession?
  • What is the guidance for dividends this June, September, and December?
  • Does the stock have threats of losses from speculative trading in derivatives?
  • Have assets and liabilities been reported correctly?

It would help to block every fifth question. Otherwise, the conference call could end as between the press and Bush/Rice.

You are free to question your own mind though. Here are two suggestions:

a. Why not switch to another stock in the same industry?
b. Have you missed out on some great Sectors?

We promise not to evade straight answers in our fresh weekly content all summer.


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