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  • Disappointing Black Friday – Will Cyber Monday Save the Day? - 30 November 2009
  • American consumers are still hard-pressed for cash, and are likely to remain so for some time to come, but retailers were nonetheless hopeful that Black Friday would coax shoppers to use credit cards and dip into the household budget to stock up for the festive season. Certainly, shoppers turned out in their thousands to take advantage of Black Friday specials, with many retailers opening at midnight on Thanksgiving in an effort to have first claim on consumer dollars. However, when the dust and excitement settled, it was revealed that Black Friday had been disappointing as shoppers had spent less on average than they did a year ago.

  • Searching For The Silver Lining - 9 March 2009
  • Embattled Wall Street traders have been on the lookout for signs that the market is bottoming out, but as the weeks pass by with major indices reflecting an ever declining market, it appears that the question of “Are we there yet?” is becoming impossible to answer. Last week saw the Dow Jones industrial average falling 6.17 percent to end at 6,626.94, while the Standard & Poor’s 500 shed 7.03 percent to end at 683.38 and the Nasdaq composite lost 6.1 percent to close on Friday at 1,293.85. This means that both the Dow and S&P have plunged by around 24 percent, and Nasdaq by nearly 18 percent, since the beginning of 2009.

  • Changing Trends and Threat to Market Share Prompts London Stock Exchange to Adjust Tariffs - 4 August 2008
  • World-wide stock markets have been on a roller-coaster ride for some time now and, as has been the case for stock exchanges all over, the London Stock Exchange has had its fair share of upheaval. In addition to factors such as fluctuating oil prices and anxiety over rising inflation, the London Stock Exchange is facing increasing competition from new trading platforms that will undoubtedly poach some of its business.

  • The Real Math of Falling Stock Prices - 16 may 2008
  • Downsides must have upsides. Take heart and enjoy the rule of bears. Stock market sentiment can work against you. Losses await those who flow with the investment tides. That is why salmon is precious. It fights adversity to thrive. You can do the same with stock price trends.

  • National, Communal, and Economic Clusters for Top Stock Picks (Part 1) - 20 February 2008
  • Not everyone cares for marketing, but it is behind many top stocks. We are all customers and equate marketing with common sense. Segmentation is one of the disciplines, which sets marketing professionals apart. Age, sex, wealth, and tongue are common ways of dividing a market. There is no money to be made from such easy exercises. Inspiration and hard work can, however, produce winning clusters. This article follows our earlier piece entitled “Customer Benefits versus Profits for Financial Planning Service Providers”. We want to take the marketing and stock value idea further.

  • Why Organic is better for Stocks (Part 2) - 22 November 2007
  • Why Organic is better for Stocks (Part 1)

    Organic Alternatives for Growth and Appreciation of Stocks

    Terminally ill stocks are fortunately as rare as people for who doctors can do nothing, and criminals without attorneys. Management processes can detect decline early enough for professionals to take corrective actions. The job and tax angles of industrial and commercial organizations mean that politicians and administrators are generally willing to listen actively to suggestions from employers about how statutory matters can be shaped to help corporations.

  • Combine Learning with Pleasure for Trading in Stocks (Part 1) - 16 November 2007
  • Trading in stocks is fundamentally different to making investments. It appears to be a type of gambling for casual onlookers, but obviously the consistently successful have methods to apparent madness! That is not to say that day trading in stocks and securities is not fraught with major risks.

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