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  • Is the 'January Effect' Still Valid? - 7 February 2013
  • First observed by investment banker Sidney B. Wachtel in the early 1940s, the term the 'January Effect' is used to described a market anomaly where financial security prices experience an increase in the month of January. There are a number of reasons for the January Effect, with the most common theory being that individual investors holding small stocks may sell their stocks at year end, thereby allowing them to claim a capital loss for tax purposes, and then reinvest in the new year. Another reason suggested is that many investors who receive year-end bonuses in January use these bonuses to purchase stocks, pushing up stock prices.

  • Vacation from Stock Trade and Work on Your Mortgage Value Instead - 26 March 2008
  • Less can be more. Brokers gain the more you trade in stock. That equation may not apply to you. Stock trading makes great sense when you discern a trend. Wait and watch works as well. Taking a break from the stock market could help your capital. What can you do with surplus cash in the meantime?

  • What Do Women Want from the Stock Market? - 3 March 2008
  • Personal preferences will color most answers to this question. There is no requirement that every female must have exactly the same investment objectives. May such individuality rule the stock market! The only matter on which we can all agree is that Bernanke should hit the interest rate reduction button as often as possible.

  • The Small Business Route to Better Financial Planning (Part 1) - 23 February 2008
  • Please take a look at our earlier piece entitled “Can a “Made in USA" Financial Planning Strategy Save Us from Recession” The 2008 Economic Stimulus Package makes serious attempts to get small business going. That is the inspiration for this piece. You could be in a salaried job, have a small enterprise going already, or simply be on the look-out for extra cash: here is a forum which you can use.

  • The Small Business Route to Better Financial Planning (Part 2) - 23 February 2008
  • The Small Business Route to Better Financial Planning (Part 1)

    Tax Incentives to Stimulate Small Business Investment (continued)

    The other fruit on the Economic Stimulus Package tree that you must pluck is the extra $125 thousand of equipment investment you can write-off in 2008. You do not have to go all the way to the ceiling, but what an opportunity this is to ramp up your small business! There are any numbers of door-step services in your neighborhood that are either scarce or provided by illegal immigrants. Now is the time for you to get the equipment that can take your hobby, skill, or strength to a new commercial level. Cooking is one favorite: Brooklyn Cheesecake sold all its baking equipment in 2006. This company from Fairfield, NJ now licenses its trade-marks. Is selling confectionery under the “The Healthy Bakery” label exciting, or what? Who knows-perhaps you can register an even better name! Converting a part of your home in to an office, setting up your own fuel-cell electricity generator, starting an organic farm, and starting a video-conferencing center, are just random samples of the innumerable new cash generating investments in equipment that you can choose.

  • Alternative Financial Planning to Revive a Flagging National Economy (Part 1) - 6 February 2008
  • Stock market volatility makes writing these articles hell! You have hardly finished research on why the stock market has crashed, when it stages an exaggerated recovery in response to yet another regulatory interest rate cut! It does not help matters when so many stock exchange operators all over the globe count so heavily on the Chair Person of the US Federal Reserve. We are so dizzy following crazy stock price trends that we have thought of a new series on how to stave off recession threats. Why do we need so many financial planning wizards if higher margins for sub-prime Gurus are all it takes to save a national economy?

  • Is Your Financial Planning Tax Compliant? (Part 1) - 26 January 2008
  • More than 134 million US citizens filed individual income tax returns in 2005. This colossal figure represented growth over 2004. The adjusted gross income represented by these 2005 tax accounts exceeded $7 trillion, and the figure grew by over 9% over 2004. It appears that our national financial planning is on track, and that we are a nation of honest tax payers! We see similar trends with small enterprises: the number of partnerships approached 3 million in 2005, and reported income grew by over 40%. Impressive as these figures may seem in financial planning terms, they tell only half of the tax compliance story.

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