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  • Financial Sector Apprehensive as Embattled Americans Dip into Retirement Savings - 25 July 2008
  • While investors may have been encouraged by the more than $20 drop in oil prices since 3 July, indications are that the American public as a whole is not coping too well with mounting economic pressures. This is evident by the fact that an increasing number of individuals are dipping into their savings and retirement funds to meet their monthly expenses, including mortgage payments, and this in turn is having a negative impact on the financial sector of the stock market.

  • Is IndyMac Failure a Harbinger of Doom? - 15 July 2008
  • Although there are a number of factors that led to IndyMac’s failure on Friday 11 July, some regulators are laying the blame squarely at the feet of Senator Chuck Schumer. In late June, the New York Democrat released a letter which set out reasons why IndyMac might fail. This sparked panic among IndyMac customers who rushed to withdraw their money from the bank. Over the following eleven days the withdrawals mounted up to $1.3 billion, forcing IndyMac’s closure. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp (FDIC) stepped in and re-opened the bank on Monday 14 July, as IndyMac Federal Bank.

  • Insurance Drivers of Retirement Financial Planning - 5 may 2008
  • You need help to bathe, dress, and eat.

    Old age fills all of us with dread. It could be parents today. We are even more likely to need assisted living one day. Increasing longevity is one reason. Poor economic management by the Fed is another. Social security is bursting at the tips. The troops are not even back from Iraq. Medical technology does not help in this aspect. New discoveries cost way more than anything Medicare can afford.

  • The Productive Distraction of Retirement Financial Planning - 2 April 2008
  • Here are three useful thoughts to start each day:
    1. You are never too young to start retirement financial planning.
    2. Retirement financial planning is never complete because we cannot be sure of what the future holds.
    3. A 401(K) and every IRA are sacred and untouchable forms of capital.

  • A Fitting Financial Planning Reply to Sub-Prime Rogues (Part 1) - 4 February 2008
  • This financial planning success story comes from the ethereally beautiful climes of Ontario. Hard nosed Wall Street honchos may hit their optical devices with disgust, but there can be no doubt that a creative solution to the sub-prime woes of the United States, is ready just across the Northern border. Credit unions are not new to financial planning in the United States, but the movement has no caucuses, lobbies, Political Action Committees, and other democratic instruments of influence! This article is the first in a series which we hope to research and to publish during the coming weeks, in which we examine alternative and successful retirement financial planning models. We lack the credentials to write prescriptions, so please keep a new tab handy to key in notes on your opinions as you read the rest of this piece.

  • The Basel II Solution to Sub-Prime and Related Financial Planning (Part 1) - 1 February 2008
  • The cataclysmic effects of the sub-prime crisis of 2007 need not have happened at all. Since the retirement financial planning of large numbers of families is at stake, and since so many stocks of the financial sector have been disastrously affected, the Basel norms that US banks have declined to implement for years, needs a detailed and public review. Ask groups of people whose financial planning and stock portfolios have been buffeted by the sub-prime crisis, if they are aware of the safeguards provided by the Basel norms. Ask your banker if his or her employer is Basel II compliant. You will quickly discover that banks and regulators have taken unconscionable risks with your money.

  • Farming as a Path to Financial Planning (Part 1) - 21 January 2008
  • The days of living exclusively off pensions are numbered. Longevity trends, rising social security costs, and the specter of inflation, combine to mean that retirement in the conventional sense of the term is likely to be progressively pushed beyond 65, rather than being brought forward. Stock investment is a successful and challenging form of financial planning, but many people would enjoy making livings from farming activities. These two lines of revenue generation need no longer be mutually exclusive, given the facilities of the Internet and online stock trading. Economies moved away from agriculture to industries and services during the past 200 years, but it appears that growing crops and rearing animals have acquired new values of late.

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