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  • Third Quarter Earnings High on Wall Street Agenda - 17 October 2011
  • Following a two-day meeting in Paris, finance ministers from the G20 countries revealed that they will take whatever action deemed necessary to ensure sufficient capitalization of banks and to stabilize wavering global financial markets. This pledge from the world's most powerful and influential economies comes hot on the heels of pledges by France and Germany to work together to rescue Eurozone countries in crisis. In a statement by US Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner he noted that delegates at the weekend meeting heard encouraging things from European authorities regarding a comprehensive strategy to deal with Europe’s financial crisis.

  • Nasdaq/ICE Bid for NYSE Fails - 11 April 2011
  • The New York Stock Exchange board of directors has rejected the merger bid by Nasdaq/ICE in favor of the deal with Deutsche Börse, expressing the belief that the influential German exchange is offering what it termed as "substantially more long-term value for shareholders". However, while expressing disappointment in the decision, spokesperson for Nasdaq, Frank De Maria noted that it is their belief that this response by NYSE "clearly does not reflect the best interest of their shareholders".

  • Deloitte Fast 500 – Encouraging Technological Innovation - 24 January 2011
  • Established in 1997 during what came to be known as the 'dotcom boom', or 'dotcom bubble', the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Awards highlight the outstanding success of US technology companies in an ever-evolving world of innovation. Run and moderated by renowned professional services provider Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited, more commonly referred to and branded simply as Deloitte, the awards incorporate all areas of technology and include both private and public companies. Participants include everything from internet service providers, through to computer software and hardware providers, life sciences and semiconductors, with the main criteria being relative growth in revenue over a period of five years.

  • Investors Attracted to U.S. Stock Market - 12 August 2008
  • Many asset management companies are adjusting their client’s portfolios to get the best out of the current trend which sees the U.S. stock market outperforming the global market for the first time during this decade. Moreover, U.S. exposure to the emerging market has declined, while exposure to U.S. stocks has climbed.

  • Are There Any Safe Ports to Weather the Storm? - 2 July 2008
  • In light of the gloomy second quarter stock market results, which saw the Dow Jones Industrial Average down 7.4 percent, investors are no doubt reassessing their portfolios, searching for a market sector that may provide some light at the end of the tunnel. However, the reality is that in the current bear market there are very few safe ports to shelter investors from the storm.

  • Global Stock Trading Imperatives (Part 1) - 25 January 2008
  • Online stock has yet to impact global stock investment, but entries by all reputable stock brokers is set to make this form of stock trading grow by leaps and bounds. Individuals have been rather slow in diversifying their portfolios, but the major financial institutions would have been hit even harder by the sub-prime crisis, had it not been for their foreign investments. The World Bank has paved paths for private capital to play defining roles in the developments of emerging economies, most of which now have Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth rates between 5% and 10% a year.

  • Stocks to Quench Your Thirst (Part 2) - 28 November 2007
  • Stocks to Quench Your Thirst (Part 1)

    Top Local Beer Stocks Deserve Global Investor Attention

    Many countries have local beer companies with excellent investment prospects. Global players rely on them for profit and for top-line growth, and strengthen their strategic market positions as well. Most of these companies have established distribution channels with deep market penetration and strong links with national regulatory networks as well. These companies are always active in merger & acquisition moves, buying stocks of their peers, while they remain open for approaches by others as well.

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