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  • A Brief History of Trade – Part 1 - 29 July 2010
  • With the sophisticated methods of trading in the world today and stock exchanges handling billions of dollars on a daily basis, looking back at the challenges faced by early traders and the development of the modern commercial system can be quite fascinating. Trade is likely as old as mankind itself, with commodities and services being bartered long before different forms of currency were created. Some experts, including well respected historian Peter Watson, are of the opinion that commerce likely began around 150,000 years ago. Certainly, trade has featured prominently throughout recorded human history.

  • Branson Launches Campaign against Proposed BA/Iberia Merger - 11 August 2008
  • The initial rumblings of Virgin Atlantic Airways against the proposed “merger between equals” of British Airways and Iberia Airlines, is growing into a thunderstorm as high profile owner of the airline, Sir Richard Branson, launches a campaign to stop the merger. He has reportedly written to both American presidential candidates, Barack Obama and John McCain to warn them that an affiliation between the two airlines would be anti-competitive.

  • NYSE Euronext Enters Middle East Market - 26 June 2008
  • Transatlantic stock exchange giant, NYSE Euronext, has surged ahead in its quest to gain ground as a truly global stock exchange by buying a 25 percent stake in the State of Qatar’s Doha securities market. A $250 million cash payment will seal the deal, giving NYSE Euronext a firm foothold in the fast-growing economy of the Middle East.

  • Business not Capital Links New China to Dubai - 26 may 2008
  • China builds trade and business links with the Arab world by the month. That is true of other countries as well. The difference here lies in the industrious wealth of China. It can match Dubai when it comes to capital resources. China is an equal partner in the march of Sovereign Wealth Funds. Both countries vie to purchase global corporations. China, like Dubai is in pressing needs to invest piles of depreciating dollars. Private Equity from the Middle East has joined the government investing arm of China in hunting for valuable world stocks. However, this is not the mainstay of friendly trade moves between the two wealthy blocks.

  • Can We Outsource the Fed? - 5 March 2008
  • Imagine 40 million foreclosures being forgiven. That is what the Indian government has proposed to do in its latest budget. Poor farmers need not pay back outstanding loans. There are other measures on the anvil to help the country’s poor.

  • The Grey Stock Market Driver (Part 1) - 24 January 2008
  • Stock market sentiment is notorious for being irrational, but there could be methods to the madness! You have to be a geologist or involved in making batteries, if you are to be excited by looking at a dull, grey piece of cobalt. Most people who would never bother to look beyond the headlines of copper and zinc mines, or of developments in places such as the Congo, have no idea how much their precious stocks are affected by cobalt reserves. Can you live without cell phones again? Do you agree that cars with hybrid engines are the way to go? Your financial planning could be more dependant on cobalt than you know!

  • The Green Crescent on Stock Horizons (Part 1) - 10 January 2008
  • The stock market is a part of American business culture. It was in the United States that the practice of raising and offering funds for commercial and industrial was born in our stock exchanges. There may have been earlier forms of money lending that some historians claim as precursors of a stock trading ring, but the modern world has largely copied the United States in establishing national stock trading systems. The United Kingdom has many credits in terms of representative democracy, systems of justice, and bureaucracy, but the United States can take pride in being the prime mover of the stock market phenomenon.

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