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  • Some Reasons to Motivate You to Invest in the Stock Market - 10 November 2010
  • One of the most lucrative ways to earn money without having to put too much time or effort into it is investing in the stock market. If you are constantly troubled with rising debt and are looking for a debt resolution to rescue you from this situation, then you can consider investing in the stock market too. This is a highly profitable solution and you can use the proceeds to pay off your debts. You would earn extra money and thus repay your debts with ease.

  • $2,000 Gold is Coming - 5 December 2009
  • The price of an ounce of gold continues to remain above $1,200 after reaching a new all-time high at $1,218.25 to start the final month of 2009. In early Friday (December 4) morning trade, the spot rate for gold was $1,205.40.

  • Bank Credit Rating Cuts Ahead of Regulator Overhaul - 18 June 2009
  • Fears that the recession may drag on longer than anticipated, made investors nervous and impacted negatively on Wall Street at the beginning of the week. A tech rally on Wednesday boosted the Nasdaq composite index with a gain of 0.7 percent. However, news of credit rating cuts for US banks caused financials to slide, dragging the Dow Jones industrial average with it, ending the day with a 0.1 percent loss, with a similar loss being recorded by the Standard & Poor's 500.

  • Bear Market Results in Reduced Trading Volumes - 9 July 2008
  • In the current bear market, plenty of attention is being focused on investors and the negative impact this is having on their investments. Advice on how to handle the situation abounds, with the general view being that riding out the storm may be the best option. But while sympathetic sentiments are being expressed for investors, spare a thought for the people who make their living from managing other peoples’ investments.

  • Russell 3000 Index – Setting Investment Benchmarks - 18 June 2008
  • The preliminary annual Russell 3000 Index, released late Friday 13 June 2008, indicates that the market value of stocks incorporated in the renowned Russell Investments Index has dropped by approximately $2 trillion during the past year. This is seen as a reflection of the overall decline in the market and the slow-moving U.S. economy. The reconstituted Russell 3000 index reflects an additional 278 new companies, while 176 companies will be removed from the index due to a significant decline in their market value.

  • Stock that Leaves no Stakeholder Behind - 29 may 2008
  • This article is about Medtronic Incorporated (NYSE: MDT). The financials are impressive. You would expect no less from an NYSE listing. However, profits are not the best parts of this Medical Equipment & Supplies Industry member from Minneapolis, MN.

  • Does Stock Price Depend Excessively on Impression Management? (Part 2) - 19 February 2008
  • Does Stock Price Depend Excessively on Impression Management? (Part 1)

    Track Records of Stock Analysts and Investment Advisors

    What if you find business a bore? Does the stock market have space for folks who want superior returns on investments without spending all day on company and economic news? The trick lies in finding reliable advisers. Here is a test: go the archives section of your favorite web site, and find out what stock analysts said this time last year. Greenspan’s present clients made billions from sub prime because they knew about the gathering storm when this consultant of today was still Chair Person of the Federal Reserve. Federal Impression Management did not work with community banks however. They stayed away from sub prime, and have excellent business results for 2007 to show.

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