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  • Financial Sector No Longer Preferred Career Path for Graduates - 30 may 2013
  • As thousands of students attending college prepare to graduate, the Harvard Crimson reports that only 15% of Harvard graduates are planning to carve a career in finance, compared to the 47% who took jobs in finance in 2007, prior to the financial crisis of 2008. The decline of job opportunities on Wall Street over the past few years is likely a factor in this trend, but it appears that a large number of current job seekers are looking for job satisfaction rather than financial compensation.

  • Uncertain Economic Outlook Depresses Market - 22 July 2010
  • With second quarter corporate results and forecasts offering up a mixed bag of optimism and pessimism, (or realism depending on who you talk to), the mid-week market reflected investor disappointment at Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke's warning that the US economic outlook remains uncertain. Actually, his words were "unusually uncertain" which is seen by many as an indication that this has come as somewhat of a surprise even to the Fed. However, Bernanke offered reassurance that tightening up of policies will prevent the US economy from falling into recession again, and while maybe not at the pace hoped for, the economy is nevertheless strengthening. The tightening up of policies alluded to, include the Wall Street reform bill signed by President Barack Obama on Wednesday, which is being described as the most stringent set of financial rules and regulations since the Great Depression of 1929.

  • Investors Hopeful for Dow to Pass Five-Digit Mark - 12 October 2009
  • Friday saw stock market indicators closing at their highest level in a year as Alcoa kicked off the third quarter earnings season by reporting an unanticipated profit. Additional factors behind the surge in stocks included a rally by Intel and IBM as well as better-than-expected economic data which is seen as an indication that the US recession is coming to an end. The Dow Jones industrial average reached 9,864.94, being an increase of around 4 percent, at close of business on Friday, while Standard & Poor's 500 stock index closed at 1,071.49, an increase of 4.5 percent for the week, and the Nasdaq composite index ended the week at 2,139.28, being a gain of 3.99 percent for the week.

  • Swine Flu Outbreak, U.S. Government’s Stress Test Impact on U.S. Markets - 28 April 2009
  • While health authorities grapple with preventing the spread of the swine-flu outbreak, it could not have come at a worse time for the already battered global economy. Stock market analysts are hopeful that, as with past crises such as SARS and bird flu, this outbreak will be short lived, however, it has already impacted negatively on both U.S. and world markets, and investors will no doubt be keeping a close eye on developments. Some see Monday’s Wall Street sell-off as a case of investors cashing in profits they may have accumulated in recent weeks when markets were rallying, and the day’s light trade supports this. Yet others believe the sell-off was motivated by fear and this view appears to be supported by the fact that stocks relating to airlines and other travel-related business took the hardest knock as authorities step up travel security measures. The possibility that the swine-flu outbreak is swaying markets can be seen in the increase in pharmaceutical stocks, most notably Gilead Sciences and GlaxoSmithKline – both manufacturers of flu treatments.

  • Financial Sector Continues to Drive Markets as Investors Wait for Stress Test Results - 23 April 2009
  • Investor confidence was dealt a blow on Wednesday bringing the Wall Street rally to an end when Morgan Stanley’s dismal results revived concerns about the stability of the banking sector and the economy in general. Having posted its second straight quarterly loss and slashed its dividend, citing the deteriorating commercial real estate as a negative factor, Morgan Stanley slid nine percent closing at $22.44.

  • Growing Confidence in U.S. Financial Sector Boosts Stocks - 16 April 2009
  • Staging a late in the day rally, the Dow Jones Industrial Average ended Wednesday with a 1.4 percent gain, while the Standard & Poor’s 500 rose 1.3 percent and the Nasdaq Composite Index gained 0.1 percent. Technology stocks, which had drawn buyers during the month, were dealt a blow by Intel Corp’s reticent forecast. However, investors looking for stocks that are likely to experience a rebound, were encouraged by the Federal Reserve report on the economy, which prompted stock market traders to buy up financial sector and consumer product stocks.

  • Goldman Sachs Starts Reporting of First Quarter Results on a Positive Note - 14 April 2009
  • Goldman Sachs was set to release its first quarter earnings on Tuesday, but apparently the news was too good not to share and the New York-based investment giant announced on Monday that it earned a $1.81 billion profit for the quarter ending 31 March. This was an impressive recovery for the company after having reported a loss for the last quarter of 2008 – its first since it was listed as a public company in 1999.

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