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  • Stock Market Stimulus Secret from Seigel - 30 may 2008
  • The professor teaches at one of the most reputed business schools in the world. His stock market secrets are open for everyone. It is up to you to apply his insights for your financial planning benefits. Here is one concept we have been gifted from his web site.

  • Start Stock Investing Today - 26 may 2008
  • Are you a 401 (k) junkie? Do you really believe that Medicare will take care of all your health issues in old age? There is every hope that a new administration in Washington will reign in inflation next year. However, it is prudent by all accounts to start stock investing today.

  • Single Word Financial Planning Strategy - 21 may 2008
  • It is amazing but true. Highly rated consultants rarely go beyond common sense. Complex problems require only the simplest of solutions. Differences between views are often shallow. These concepts apply to the 2008 stock market.

  • Financial Planning for Food, Fiber, and Fuel Bills - 19 may 2008
  • Iran says $115 for a barrel of crude oil is not enough. We cannot blame him for dairy product inflation. You are plain lucky if the costs of eggs and milk does not worry you. Cheap credit from the Fed helps traders hoard scarce farm produce. Most countries have made credit expensive. It is a standard way to reign in rising prices. Washington is a Super Power. It has offered Wall Street a string of credit concessions. Small buys have not benefited. What should you do?

  • The Greenspan Test for Financial Planning and Stock Market Advice - 6 may 2008
  • Tokyo junkets are supposed to involve relaxing polar flights, sushi, and geishas. Poor old man Greenspan ran in to turbulent questions instead. He is feisty as anyone in horn-rimmed spectacles. The recession is not his doing. Neither does he have anything to do with the foreclosure epidemic. However, his crystal ball shows that realty prices may rise at some point on the horizon. These are some gems he cast before brash reporters on the sidelines of a large bank sponsored ‘event’ in the Land of the Rising Sun in April.

  • Malthusian Financial Planning - 28 April 2008
  • We hope that prophets of doom are wrong. Some of us keep worrying they could be right. Malthus lived 200 years ago. He postulated the dilemma of population growth. That nightmare is now close.

  • Take This Financial Planning Gift Horse with Grateful Hands - 25 April 2008
  • Financial planning software is free. Do not fret if the business model does not make sense. Just use it to keep track of your expenses.

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