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  • Mosaic Theory for Stock Picks (Part 2) - 14 December 2007
  • Mosaic Theory for Stock Picks (Part 1)

    Adaptive Practice Makes Your Stock Picks Better!

    There is much to commend domain expertise when it comes to making stock picks. Each sector, industry, and country has its own drivers and characteristics of stock value. It is best to understand the business model of an enterprise before investing in its stocks. What are the key factors for success? Which are the main threats? Secondary sources of such insights are rare, and not trustworthy when available. It takes years of experience to generate primary information, but focusing on a defined and narrow area can expedite matters. That is why large and professionally managed financial institutions typically employ banks of industry experts.

  • South Korean Stock Attractions (Part 1) - 5 December 2007
  • Brands, technologies, and marketing aggression mark top stocks from South Korea. You will feel the power of these waves whether or not you have stock trading operations in Seoul. Investors and executives from this relatively small but incredibly dynamic nation have little use for any foreign stock exchange, but they leave no stones unturned to garner precious resources from all over the globe, and to grab national market shares as well. Any quick survey of emerging markets such as India will show that South Korea is not just way ahead in new branding, but has managed to keep the bulk of cash flows within its home stocks.

  • How Investors Should Manage Executive Liabilities of Their Stocks (Part 2) - 15 November 2007
  • How Investors Should Manage Executive Liabilities of Their Stocks (Part 1)

    Management audit reveals the quality and depth of factual information that routinely escapes nerd accountants. Ask any executives you know, and you will get confirmation that statutory audits by external accountants only scratch the surface, as compared to internal evaluations done for the benefits of major holders of stocks-both actual and prospected.

  • The Government as Benefactor for Selected Stocks (Part 1) - 9 November 2007
  • Would you care to buy stocks of a company with a lucrative 5-year contract? Do not worry about non-performance in such a contract because it only requires you to answer questions about whether remuneration should be tied to work and results! This is neither a joke nor any flight of fancy, for the US government has actually awarded such a generous gift to a functioning consultancy. The most interesting part of this incredible deal is that it has been negotiated by presumably the most financially competent bureaucrats!

  • Has Internet Business Become Relevant for Stocks? (Part 1) - 25 October 2007
  • Marketing is at best a secondary matter for most investors, so the subject gets short shrift when decisions about stocks are made. Internet marketing and electronic commerce have not made the kinds of waves in the worlds of stocks, as they have done in many other sectors of human enterprise. Investors are relieved by electronic versions of shares, and by the facility to buy and sell stocks without physical presence on any trading ring, but the World Wide Web has been largely ignored by Exchanges otherwise.

  • Strategic Sourcing for Strengthening Stocks (Part 1) - 22 October 2007
  • Professionals from the purchasing function rarely get public credit for their invaluable contributions to the performance of the best stocks. Senior executives and celebrities from marketing and finance steal the limelight when stocks outperform their peers, but behind most of these success stories lie systematic and diligent efforts of the purchase function.

  • Stocks and Assets (Part 2) - 28 September 2007
  • Stocks and Assets (Part 1)

    Investment Reviews by Corporations in Which You Hold Stocks

    Why is it that executives make more noises about prospective investments than about internal reviews of their past decisions in this area? We read, for example, extensively about Wal Mart’s machinations to enter India, but not much about why they withdrew from Germany and South Korea, with their tails between their legs! The entire globalization story needs a whole new approach when it comes to assessing investment strategies for stocks.

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