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  • July 2014 Compliance for Volcker Rule - 20 April 2012
  • Named for former United States Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker, the Volcker Rule forms part of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, designed to prevent banks in the US from making speculative investments that would not be in the best interests of their customers. The Dodd-Frank Act stipulated a 2014 compliance deadline, but some of the law's fine print relating to the Volcker Rule appeared open to interpretation, prompting bank officials to request clarification from financial regulators. The clarification came yesterday in the form of an announcement that Wall Street need not comply immediately with the Volcker Rule banning banks from trading with their own money.

  • M&A Activity in Exchanges Raises Concerns - 10 February 2011
  • As technology drives down the cost of accessing markets around the world and opens up electronic trading to a growing flood of investors, exchanges are looking at joining forces through mergers and acquisitions – such as the proposed acquisition of NYSE Euronext by the Deutsche Borse. Should the proposal be approved, shareholders of Deutsche Borse would be majority owners of the new entity which will be domiciled in the Netherlands. Replaced by high-speed technology, gone are the days of organized chaos that characterized the NYSE as portrayed in the movies, where fortunes were made or lost and market changes were greeted with human emotions of elation or despair. Some call it progress, while others express concern over giving increasing power to technology and being at the mercy of machines with less and less human intervention, opening up the possibility of disaster, as was experienced in the ' flash crash' of May 6, 2010.

  • Stock Market Simulators - 6 September 2010
  • Few would disagree that being a stock market player must be one of the most stressful, but also the most exciting, career paths to follow – especially in light of the global financial turmoil over the past two years or so. Have you ever wondered what it must feel like to win, or lose, a fortune as a result of a single decision? Or if slow and steady is your way, how would you best go about building up a comfy nest-egg by investing in the stock market? Before you leap into the world of high finance, you can test your aptitude for stock market trading, without any of the financial risk, by means of a stock market simulator.

  • Dramatic Market Rebound a Welcome Start to the Week as Bailout Strategies Are Fine-Tuned - 14 October 2008
  • No doubt driven by the news that governments around the world are taking unprecedented action to bolster the financial sector, Monday saw Wall Street record its most phenomenal bounce back since the 1930s, with major stock markets around the world enjoying similar positive results. Following one of the worst trading weeks ever, the rally was welcomed with elation by stock market players. While not wanting to put a dampener on the high spirits of investors, the question on the minds of many is likely to be: "Is this going to last?" Given the volatility of the market in recent months, the answer to that is anybody’s guess.

  • New and Exciting African Stocks from Mozambique (Part 1) - 1 November 2007
  • South Africa, Egypt, Nigeria, and Kenya are the most prominent countries in which international investors consider holding stocks: South Africa has a well-deserved lead in the matter. Zimbabwe has become notorious for a hopeless economic situation, and the mass of this continent has little room in the heady world of stocks. Do all the neglected countries of Africa deserve lack of investment support in equal measures? Are all of them in desperate straits with intractable problems? One does not have to be altruistic in asking such answers, because some interesting opportunities to invest in stocks with potentials can be uncovered by factual answers.

  • Vital Signs of Healthy Stocks (Part 1) - 24 October 2007
  • How much easier it would be to deal in stocks if only financial health could be gauged as precisely as human wellness! Doctors have fixed ways of determining how their patients fare, but analysts only agree to disagree when it comes to most stocks! Subjectivity in assessing company performance may be amusing for those with no more than passing interests in stocks, but inabilities to spot changes in trends, and errors in valuing stocks, make profits for some at the costs of others.

  • New Options for Global Trading in Stocks (Part 2) - 23 October 2007
  • New Options for Global Trading in Stocks (Part 1)

    Values to Capture in Small and Medium Sector Stocks

    Large trans-national corporations offer limited options for citizens to participate in stocks from other countries. Some companies have laws which require part local ownerships of all companies which operate in their territories. This is primarily why companies which originate in the first world also list affiliate organizations in Exchanges of other countries. However, international financial and trade organizations frown on such compulsions, so some global corporations have begun to de-list from country Exchanges.

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