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  • Biomass Companies Growing Feedstock on Location - 5 October 2010
  • Throughout the emerging and developed world, energy powers development! Without a stable generation output, energy costs will increase and growth opportunities will slow. Governments know that affordable, clean, energy is the key to sustained higher gross domestic product and commercial growth.

  • Is The Color of the Future Green? - 3 July 2008
  • There was a time in the not too distant past when being environmentally and socially responsible and making money were incompatible concepts in the investment world. However, with heightened awareness of the damage being done to the earth and its atmosphere through careless misuse of natural resources, along with the damage caused by pollution, many consumers and investors are choosing to go “green”.

  • Are There Any Safe Ports to Weather the Storm? - 2 July 2008
  • In light of the gloomy second quarter stock market results, which saw the Dow Jones Industrial Average down 7.4 percent, investors are no doubt reassessing their portfolios, searching for a market sector that may provide some light at the end of the tunnel. However, the reality is that in the current bear market there are very few safe ports to shelter investors from the storm.

  • An Oasis of Dividends in Every Stock Market Safari - 30 may 2008
  • This is paean for Great Plains Energy Incorporated (NYSE: GXP). The market capitalization at the start of May 2008 has been a little over $2 billion. The stock price has been at $26.53 against a 52-week high of $33.04. It is apparent that the company is not immune from negative sentiment in and around the NYSE. What is so special about this corporation?

  • Business not Capital Links New China to Dubai - 26 may 2008
  • China builds trade and business links with the Arab world by the month. That is true of other countries as well. The difference here lies in the industrious wealth of China. It can match Dubai when it comes to capital resources. China is an equal partner in the march of Sovereign Wealth Funds. Both countries vie to purchase global corporations. China, like Dubai is in pressing needs to invest piles of depreciating dollars. Private Equity from the Middle East has joined the government investing arm of China in hunting for valuable world stocks. However, this is not the mainstay of friendly trade moves between the two wealthy blocks.

  • Top Alternative Energy Stock Picks - 22 may 2008
  • Green, black, and red are confusing colors. You care for the environment. Can Green Business make money? What if Alternative Energy stocks land you in the red?

  • The Next President and Your Stocks - 22 may 2008
  • Wall Street is notorious for confusing retail investors. The haze extends to politics. Visit the Federal Election Commission web site. You will find that investment bankers have hedged their bets. Individual donations show no particular bias towards any one Presidential candidate. The new administration in 2009 will certainly affect your financial planning. What can you do today to prepare for next year and beyond?

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