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  • Who wants to be a Millionaire? - 27 June 2008
  • Despite the ongoing credit crisis and sluggish economic growth in many countries, the 12th annual World Wealth Report released recently by Merrill Lynch and Gapgemini revealed that the number of millionaires (otherwise referred to as the world’s high net worth individuals – HNWIs) world-wide has increased by six percent to 10.1 million with a combined wealth of $40.7 trillion during 2007.

  • Use the 3B=ADM Formula for Stock Market Success - 26 February 2008
  • Could there be more than what skeptic observers make of Richard Branson flying one of his Virgin aircraft on a bio-fuel blend? The flamboyant entrepreneur from across the Atlantic has defended his venture to reduce the fossil fuel effects of his airline stoutly. He insists that his passion is about more than just his stock value!

  • Can a ‘Made in USA’ Financial Planning Strategy save Us from Recession? (Part 2) - 13 February 2008
  • Can a ‘Made in USA’ Financial Planning Strategy save Us from Recession? (Part 1)

    Where Can Nationalism Take Financial Planning?

    Search engines are ready and waiting if you have never heard of Mahatma Gandhi. He may appear frail and even comic in this century, but Nelson Mandela and Dr. Martin Luther King count amongst his followers. He fought foreign control over his land and people, through the financial planning weapon of self-reliance. That is pretty much the reverse of globalization. Gandhi asked his fellow country-people to give up clothes made in Great Britain, and to use their own farm inputs instead.

  • Iroquois Confederacy Fundamentals for National Financial Planning (Part 1) - 10 February 2008
  • The Declaration of Independence could not have matched the applause that a 2008 State of the Union address or a campaign speech evokes! Is this a pointer to how the United States has evolved over the past two hundred years? Independent observation can be confusing because the lines between a healthy and a sick economy are so blurred! This article brainstorms on alternative financial planning options, using the distant past to chart course for an equally nebulous future. This piece follows from one we have published earlier entitled “Alternative Financial Planning to Revive a Flagging National Economy”.

  • The Grey Stock Market Driver (Part 2) - 24 January 2008
  • The Grey Stock Market Driver (Part 1)

    Mining and Technology Links for Stock Picks

    Cobalt deserves a dispassionate look when it comes to financial planning. Your portfolio could have entirely new stocks once you consider the tentacles of this metallic octopus on your financial planning. You can use the cobalt story to discover top stock picks, provided you understand the drivers of this matrix. Manganese nodules under the sea hold enough cobalt to offset the potential effects of stocks with our enemies. The problem is that most of these reserves lie in the Pacific outside the territorial waters of any country. Therefore, you need to back stocks of companies that can get Washington to sort out the international treaty issues of seabed mining.

  • Brazil Revisited as a Top Stock Investment Destination (Part 1) - 18 January 2008
  • International stock investment is the Mantra of financial planning today. Private equity and large banks have made more money in emerging markets than in their home bases during the recent past. It is time for retail stock investors to follow, though this is a major challenge for the traditional stock market circuit. The classic stock exchange structure has been oriented towards domestic and national stock investors, yielding space gradually to foreign financial institutions and to sources of private equity. This is set to change, with stock investing taking international hues in the modern era.

  • Brazil Revisited as a Top Stock Investment Destination (Part 2) - 18 January 2008
  • Brazil Revisited as a Top Stock Investment Destination (Part 1)

    European Support for Brazilian Stocks

    Historical links between modern Brazil and Europe are well established facts, but Spain and Portugal have been special in their financial investments and infrastructural support for the Brazilian economy and the stock market in local times. Therefore, the global appreciation of the Euro has important long term implications for Brazil’s stock exchange development. The benefits are mutual since the European Union can take heart from the fact that Brazil is now the 11th largest economy in the world, the third biggest west of Greenwich, besides the leader of all South America. The country’s real is also an appropriate and reliable currency for stock investment from other parts of the world.

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