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13 March 2008 - Features - Editor

Writing about stocks just got tough. The market crashes even as you pen lines about fresh investments. Your screen flashes news of stock prices zooming upwards even as you get ready to criticize the Fed for bringing on a recession. Hedging applies to stock market writing as well. Contradict yourself to win no matter which way the dice rolls.

There is another way. Look at stocks which have begun to turn the corner. The Trailing Twelve Month ratios should be better than averages over the past five years. The Most Recent Quarter has to show that gross revenues have grown appreciably. You may not back such stocks for the long term. However, the stock trading gains to be had are clear.

The Chemical Manufacturing Industry of the Basic Materials Sector is especially safe for stock investors. Unlike the high-tech stuff, these brick and mortar types do not fluctuate wildly from day to day. There will be times when they look like duds. Then there are others when they shine without a blink. These stocks are just right for stock trading with 2-4 quarters in view.

It takes time to pan for gems in swirling waters. You have to crunch the numbers one stock at a time. It needs a human brain as well. The best silicon chip could miss the best new opportunities. Most stock analysts make omnibus recommendations. We want to start something different. This is the private equity approach. Custom tailoring to fit your investment needs just right.

Here is an example to fly above dull stock market weather. Not forever, but for the next six months at least. Stock you can buy and relax for the next two dividend checks. We refer to The Mosaic Company (NYSE: MOS). Sales are up nearly 45% during the Most Recent Quarter. The Trailing Twelve Months Net Profit Margin is 12.17 against less than 10 for the industry. The company has just signed an enormous supply contract with India. Need we say more?

Are you any good at sifting through piles of stocks to find gems? Why not write for us? Share the fruits of your labor with our community. You can also ask questions and get unbiased opinions. Register and start posting today: our lines are open.


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