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New Addition to Dow Family

27 June 2011 - News - Editor

Widely respected as the provider of valuable information for stock market players of all levels, Dow Jones Indexes are reportedly making a new addition to its already well rounded family. The new Dow Jones Global Commodity Equity 100 Index will monitor and measure the performance of companies focused on the development and production of renewable and scarce commodities in sectors including energy, water, agriculture, metals and precious metals. Four sub-indexes relating to the Dow Jones Global Commodity Equity 100 Index will also be launched - the Dow Jones Global Equity Agriculture Index; Dow Jones Global Equity Scarcity Index; the Dow Jones Global Equity Energy Index; and the Dow Jones Islamic Market Global Equity Commodity Index. The Equity Scarcity Index is devoted to natural resources that have no way of being replenished, with the Islamic Equity Commodity Index measures companies meet Shari'ah criteria.

In a press release, President of Dow Jones Indexes Michael A. Petronella, noted that with the ongoing increase in the world's population and the maturing of emerging markets, the consumption of commodities also increases, and many of these commodities are limited. The new Dow Jones Global Commodity Equity 100 Index series allows investors to follow companies and identify market opportunities in the categories of energy, agriculture and scarcity.

The Dow Jones Global Equity Agriculture Index will include businesses related to the production of commodities in sectors such as agriculture biotech; fertilizer; livestock; palm oil; timber; and agricultural equipment and services. Included in the Dow Jones Global Equity Energy Index are businesses related to the sectors of natural gas and coal; crude and unleaded gas; and oil equipment, services and distribution. The Dow Jones Global Equity Scarcity Index includes the sectors of water; natural gas; crude and unleaded gas; coal, iron and steel; rare earth metals and other base metals; and gold and other precious metals.

Companies appearing on the new Dow Jones Global Commodity Equity 100 Index are sourced from the Dow Jones Global Total Stock Market Index. This index covers more than 98% of the global capitalization and represents 65 countries. While the index most readily equated with stock markets, even by Main Street, is the Dow Jones Industrial Average, Dow Jones Indexes offer over 130,000 equity indexes.


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