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Groups and Societies: Sharing Knowledge

3 April 2006 - Features - Editor

Joining a stock group, investment society, or trade association can provide members with a variety of benefits including shared knowledge, substantial shared funds, and more influence in the market.

Although friends, family, and colleagues may know something about investing, you may not know any financial geniuses. That's why a stock group or society can be such a treat. You can find likeminded individuals and whiz-bang geniuses who will help guide you through the maze of the investing world.

Tools at Your Fingertips

Plus, you will have all the tools you could imagine right at your fingertips. Large investment clubs such as the National Association of Investors Corporation’s Better Investing Community give you access to thousands of tools for a low monthly or yearly fee.

Using the advanced tools offered through these memberships, you can track stock growth and dividends as well as projected and actual profits and losses. Financial experts may also offer expectations for the fastest growing and up-and-coming stocks in the market.

Buyer Beware: Some stock groups may be scams so be sure to check companies out with the Better Business Bureau before signing on the dotted line.

For the Cheapskate: Your local library might just have everything you need. Some libraries offer free or inexpensive tax, financial planning, and investment courses.


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