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Chakib Khelil and Your Stocks

20 March 2008 - News - Editor

Now you know how Hillary must have felt when asked to name the new President of Russia.

Dr. Khelil is a Minister in the government of Algeria. He is a key influencer in the Organization of Oil Producing and Exporting Countries (OPEC). When does he think crude oil prices may stop spiraling upwards?

Dr. Khelil makes no promises, but says that chances of stability during the rest of this Bush reign are very poor indeed.

Prepare for centurion oil prices until at least this time in 2009. The only uncertainty is about real war or continuing cold war with Iran. We could see $200 a barrel if the President gives way to his vice.

Yes, you are right. This web site is about stocks, markets, investment, and business. However, we did not mean to rant about geo-politics through the crude oil price. The latter matters only to the extent that it affects your portfolio. Are you willing to do nothing and get signed?

Regular browsers will recall that we love domestic energy companies. Visit this link if this is your first landing on our web site: The Safe Harbor of Oil & Gas Operations Based in North America

We are excited by alternative energy stocks as well. Here is a read on one from our November 2007 archives: Stocks from the Sun

A third axis of freedom is to invest in stocks of companies that save on energy consumption. Take a look at: Batten Down your Stock Market Portfolio to Weather Storms on the Horizon

Now it is your turn. What do you propose to deal with $100+ crude oil stocks? Or do you think Chakib Khelil is bluffing, and that the President can get his royal Middle East pals to cut the dollars they take per barrel? Register at our forum and start posting. Remember, we also welcome feature articles written all by you.


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