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  • Make Housing Stock Your Stock Market Hedge Fund - 27 February 2008
  • Emotional reports of foreclosures and sub-prime crimes by wealthy executives have dominated stock market news for some time now. Could months of indignation have clouded our judgments of the whole housing situation?

  • What Does Cuba Hold for Your Stock Yield? - 26 February 2008
  • Who knows when Fidel’s retirement will get the economy of Cuba moving again? Some stock market quarters have begun to buy everything with the word ‘Cuba’ in its name, but some of these stocks have more business in friendly Caribbean isles, rather than in and around Havana.

  • What Should Foreign Stock Market Players Do When The US Is Unwell? - 25 February 2008
  • Should we care? Why can’t global types use online trading and leave each stock market to its own devices? Well, that is not how markets operate anymore.

  • A Stock That Looks Inside Young Minds (Part 1) - 5 February 2008
  • Since every generation is so different from its predecessor, we witness entirely new enterprise models on the stock market from time to time. Some veteran investor groups heap scorn on stocks representing values entirely different from their own, but there is undeniable stock investment merit in spotting dramatic new social trends. We are pleased to start a new series with this piece, looking for outstanding new stocks that represent tomorrow’s market opportunities. As always, we hope that this will stimulate dialog, and would love to interact with you on all stock investment, personal finance, and business management issues.

  • A Stock That Looks Inside Young Minds (Part 2) - 5 February 2008
  • A Stock That Looks Inside Young Minds (Part 1)

    Customer Engagement through Social Partisanship for Stock Value

    Young people are politically conscious, and love to rise against injustices of the old establishment. American Apparel’s management may have some internal and personal values for the rights of immigrants, but the stock value advantages of putting the issue squarely on top of the branding mountain, are striking and undeniable. You will want to support stocks of this company, quite apart from providing its brands with enthusiastic custom, if you are a part of the greater Hispanic scene in the United States. However, American Apparel blends its advocacy for immigrants so seamlessly with the outrageously bold images of its models that the brand can look forward to crazed following-at least until the next style icon comes around!

  • Quantas Airways Ltd agrees to Onex Corp deal - 19 February 2007
  • Onex finally convinced the largest airline in Australia to accept their offer of $11.1 billion, after being turned down previously. Quantas Airways agreed to the take over, only after Onex and its partners revised their conditions and settled for $5.60 a share. Due to the strict government regulations, foreign owners are limited to owning 49 percent of the airliner. Onex will receive a return investment of $445 million, with a 12.5 percent stake. Investors that are located outside of Australia may not own more than a quarter, which puts Macquarie Bank and Allco, as the major shareholders. A minor share will be owned by the Texas Pacific Group in San Francisco.

  • Why the Swiss Stock Market is a Haven Today - 4 July 2006
  • The Swiss Exchange (SWX) is a highly sought stock market during the current global phase of bearish sentiment. Though even Tokyo, London and New York have not escaped the sentimental back lash of downturns in emerging markets such as Brazil and India, Switzerland stands apart as a sentinel of value. Strict self-regulation, impartial Swiss law and deployment of the latest digital technologies, combine to make the SWX a top destination for global funds. SWX members have eminent professional resources, represent a diversified basket of top brands and are relatively insulated from global downturns.

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