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  • Diehard Stock Investors - 18 March 2008
  • The Chair Person of Sears Holdings Corporation has a message. It is on the company web site. Apparently, there is proof that the SHLD stock owns the best known car battery. It is not properly distributed. Obviously, brand awareness does not translate in to revenue. It hides in stock value.

  • Better Than Your Stimulus Check - 17 March 2008
  • President Bush has reiterated that stimulus will be in the mail before May 2008 is over. This was during last week’s address to the Economic Club of New York. Please prepare your shopping plans because national consumer sentiment needs your boost. Visit the following link on our web site for investment ideas for your check: Invest your Stimulus Check in the Right Stock for Lasting Pleasure

  • Why This Will Not Do the Job for Your Stock - 14 March 2008
  • What could be better than iTunes? Has Apple done it again with television? What should the stock market see through this window to the future? Apple stock has everything going for it. The stock is nearly mid-way between the highs and lows of the last 52 weeks, as the first fortnight of March 2008 draws to a close. Could there possibly be any second thoughts about this iconic stock from the Computer Hardware Industry?

  • Parachute Out of the Fed Flight Fast - 13 March 2008
  • Asian markets have risen sharply within hours of the NYSE and other US stock exchange movements of March 11 2008. Use this link to see how we predicted this exactly a week ahead: Can we ever be certain of Day Trading Gains?

  • What Do You Think Of XTO Shares? - 12 March 2008
  • The key is to operate assets in North America. There is a worry about natural gas prices. Crude oil prices are set to take care of how much indigenous energy is worth. The Oil & Gas Operations Industry is a great place for stock investing, if you pick corporations from the good old USA. Consider XTO Energy Incorporated (NYSE: XTO).

  • A Free Stock Market Investing Lesson from Home Depot - 11 March 2008
  • June 2007 was not an ordinary month for Home Depot. Veteran stock market observers have differing versions of what happened. The bare facts are not unusual. A new management team reversed yet another key decision of their predecessors. That happens all the time. You must inform NYSE or wherever you are listed. The rest is your prerogative. Home Depot sold the HD Supply business to private equity in June 2007.

  • Hail the Stock Master - 10 March 2008
  • Our usual disclaimer will not suffice. We never tire of assuring you that our references to stocks are above board. However, we should also warn you that this post about Cairn Energy Plc (LON: CNE) is not a fairy tale.

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