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  • The ‘No Comment’ Clue to Mortgage Losses on Your Stocks - 23 April 2008
  • The portly Chair Person is a business Guru. The local stock market hangs on to his every word. Business channels on television depend on his interviews for their rankings. He pays top dollar (in his currency) for women executives. His corporate office is a gold standard of material aspirations. Never mind about his identity. Reflect instead on the weight of his words.

  • The Business of Tibet - 17 April 2008
  • The world has three new poles. Celebrity film makers, young rebels of assorted genres, and descendants of a band of refugees from China, revere the Dalai Lama. The China establishment is in an inscrutable camp at the other end. They call him the Dalai clique. A spiritual leader stands accused of invading the secular space.

  • A Delicious Stock on the NYSE Menu - 10 April 2008
  • “Write something cheerful for a change”.

    This is a classic, coming as it did from our editor. Anyway, who can argue with the hand that signs checks? We have been fishing around for some fun stock. Here is what we found:

  • Luxury Goods in Lean Stock Market Times - 2 April 2008
  • Adversity separates exceptional stock from the market crowd. Bulls are infamous for lacking discretion when they trade. Bears and fear of bears encourages caution. Any sales person can beat a target when the going is good. Superior executives come to the fore in trying times. An investor knows stock value for certain when a company performs in hostile territory.

  • Seat Belt Stock - 1 April 2008
  • Stock investing feels rather like a transcontinental flight at this time. The seat belt sign stays on long after you think that the turbulence is behind you.

  • Stock Market Spring Is Here - 31 March 2008
  • You could hardly ask for a better climate to invest in your first piece of real estate. That last term has not been swapped with ‘home’ by accident. Investing in commercial real estate is a valid form of financial planning. You could earn future rents far in excess of any stock dividend. It is a matter of choosing sound construction in a growth neighborhood. Wetlands with intact eco-systems could be better still if you have your inheritors in mind.

  • Profit from This Fed Like a Wall Street Pro - 28 March 2008
  • Regulation is a major part of financial planning. Every country has its Fed. Central Banks are not the only arms of economic governance. President Bush announced the stimulus package himself. However, a President cannot get involved directly in all financial decisions. That is the job of the Fed.

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