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  • The Next President and Your Stocks - 22 may 2008
  • Wall Street is notorious for confusing retail investors. The haze extends to politics. Visit the Federal Election Commission web site. You will find that investment bankers have hedged their bets. Individual donations show no particular bias towards any one Presidential candidate. The new administration in 2009 will certainly affect your financial planning. What can you do today to prepare for next year and beyond?

  • Communication Services Cures Stock Market Cold - 21 may 2008
  • There is a break in the slug fest. One bell-weather stock has reasonable results at long last. The fight is far from over. However, we have a moment to stagger to our corners.

  • How the Software Guild Can Win the H1 B Visa War - 20 may 2008
  • Do not click away just yet. The H1 B visa issue affects all of us. It is the thin end of a wedge. Seattle, WA is awash with foreign software engineers. Few parts of the nation are without them. It could be blue collar jobs tomorrow. Some argue that the H1 B visa system helps create new jobs. Is this true? Statistics are cold when your job is on the line. It is best to prepare and defend your employment. Use the global free market system to your advantage.

  • Do You Need Some Good News about the Stock Market? - 19 may 2008
  • Had a bad day on the stock trading ring? Take off your shoes. Get a drink and something to munch. Sink in to a deep couch. Read this paean to a dream stock investment sector.

  • Airline Merger of Inconvenience Equals Stock Value Loss - 16 may 2008
  • The facts are upfront and bare. Northwest and Delta will not reduce the numbers of their hubs. They will not force any personnel to leave. This is great news if you work for either airline. It is time to parachute out of either stock as well. There is no joy in owning any slice of the world’s largest airline.

  • Living with Stock Market Volatility - 7 may 2008
  • We love the advertisement. That is partly because the sponsor pays us top dollar. This television commercial shows bulls and bears changing forms in to mascots of the company. Only slots on our web pages can do better.

  • Financial Planning Lessons for All - 30 April 2008
  • It is a succinct statement on the state of the economy.

    ”The delay in a rebound of US home sales continues to surprise”. The Boston Federal Reserve Bank President is not the only one nonplussed. Interest rate cuts have not worked. Where is the fix for the economy? Get back to basics for a solution.

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