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  • A Free Business Management Lesson from the Gentle King in Riyadh - 3 June 2008
  • “Why should our browsers care?”

    The editor was in a foul mood, inappropriate for the first signs of spring outside.

  • An Oasis of Dividends in Every Stock Market Safari - 30 may 2008
  • This is paean for Great Plains Energy Incorporated (NYSE: GXP). The market capitalization at the start of May 2008 has been a little over $2 billion. The stock price has been at $26.53 against a 52-week high of $33.04. It is apparent that the company is not immune from negative sentiment in and around the NYSE. What is so special about this corporation?

  • Stock that Leaves no Stakeholder Behind - 29 may 2008
  • This article is about Medtronic Incorporated (NYSE: MDT). The financials are impressive. You would expect no less from an NYSE listing. However, profits are not the best parts of this Medical Equipment & Supplies Industry member from Minneapolis, MN.

  • The Politics of the Microsoft and Yahoo Stock Tussle - 28 may 2008
  • The Microsoft and Yahoo saga concerns you. It is a vital matter of your fundamental rights.

  • Trade and Business Also Link China and Taiwan - 27 may 2008
  • You could be from the Congo or Canada. Capitalism or Communism may be your cup of tea. Your color, age, and sex matter not a jot. European fears for Hong Kong have proved as hollow as national protection of the Olympic torch. US defense of Taiwan is irrelevant at the Boao Forum. China does mix business with courtesy, but ideology is kept in a secure closet.

  • Business not Capital Links New China to Dubai - 26 may 2008
  • China builds trade and business links with the Arab world by the month. That is true of other countries as well. The difference here lies in the industrious wealth of China. It can match Dubai when it comes to capital resources. China is an equal partner in the march of Sovereign Wealth Funds. Both countries vie to purchase global corporations. China, like Dubai is in pressing needs to invest piles of depreciating dollars. Private Equity from the Middle East has joined the government investing arm of China in hunting for valuable world stocks. However, this is not the mainstay of friendly trade moves between the two wealthy blocks.

  • China Business Lessons from Past Masters in Global Trade - 23 may 2008
  • The Dutch have generations of experience in world trade. Naturally, they are at the vanguard of world efforts to do business with China. Royal Philips Electronics (NYSE: PHG) is a major global corporation from Holland. It has built a strong presence in the patient monitoring market of China. April 2008 has been a watershed month for Philips in China. It acquired all shares of a domestic competitor in China. The Philips website describes the logic for the deal. There are three relevant lessons in this historic transaction:

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