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  • Goldman Sachs Starts Reporting of First Quarter Results on a Positive Note - 14 April 2009
  • Goldman Sachs was set to release its first quarter earnings on Tuesday, but apparently the news was too good not to share and the New York-based investment giant announced on Monday that it earned a $1.81 billion profit for the quarter ending 31 March. This was an impressive recovery for the company after having reported a loss for the last quarter of 2008 – its first since it was listed as a public company in 1999.

  • Dogs of the Dow: A Reliable Investment Strategy? - 9 April 2009
  • In the current economic climate, where stock market traders have come to expect the unexpected, many are re-examining their investment strategies. A strategy that has established a favorable track record is the Dogs of the Dow, which focuses on the selection of stocks from the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJI) with dividends that are the highest fraction of their price. At the beginning of the year, investors using the Dogs of the Dow strategy will pick ten stocks from the thirty DJI components, based on their dividend yields, and will hold those stocks until the end of the year.

  • Investors Optimistic for Continued Rally in Short Trading Week - 6 April 2009
  • Despite the shortened trading week coming up and the strong likelihood of dismal first quarter results which are due to start trickling in this week, it appears that U.S. stock market traders are optimistic that the current four week market rally will be extended, at least in the short term. Following the much publicized event of markets hitting 12 year-lows, the major stock market indicators have rallied four weeks in a row, despite the disconcerting data on job losses, which have reached two million in 2009 alone, with 5.1 million jobs being lost since January 2008.

  • U.S. Markets Start Second Quarter on Positive Note as G-20 Summit Gets Underway - 2 April 2009
  • As leaders of what are deemed to be the world’s twenty largest economic powers gathered in London to discuss the worsening global financial crisis, with the goal of establishing new measures to stabilize the global economy, U.S. markets kicked off the new month, and second quarter of 2009, on a reasonably positive note, seemingly unaffected by the history-making G-20 summit taking place on Thursday. By the closing bell, the Dow Jones Industrial Average had risen 151.65 points, with the Nasdaq Composite adding 23.01 points and the Standard & Poor’s 500 climbing 12.92 points, being 1.99 percent, 1.51 percent and 1.62 percent respectively, thereby extending a four-week market rally.

  • Axing From Global Dow Highlights Shaky Footing of Citigroup and General Motors - 30 March 2009
  • Although the scheduled annual review of the Global Dow (GDOW) components is only due to take place in September, the extraordinary worldwide market conditions currently being experienced prompted a review of the 150 companies endorsed by the recently established market index. The result of the early review saw the ousting of General Motors and Citigroup – two companies that have been under the microscope for some time now. This has sparked speculation as to whether these two high-profile companies will suffer the same fate on the Dow Jones Industrial Average which monitors 30 top U.S. stock market listed companies, all of which are included in the GDOW.

  • First the Good News, Then the Bad News, Then the Good News … - 26 March 2009
  • Wednesday’s roller-coaster ride on Wall Street, which ended with a rally shortly before close of business, was fuelled by optimism that the draining effect of the recession may be abating. Better than expected data relating to housing and durable goods as well as the continued rally of the financial sector, offset to some extent the increasing concern by investors that U.S. authorities may not have what it takes to yank the economy out of recession, and may even be courting disaster by releasing large amounts of money into the economy which may trigger a rise in inflation.

  • Financial Sector Drives U.S. Market As Investors Await Details of Toxic Mortgage Buy-Up Plan - 23 March 2009
  • Wall Street pulled back on Thursday and Friday of last week after enjoying a seven-day market rally which resulted in the Dow gaining 14 percent. Stocks jumped on Wednesday spurred on by the Federal Reserve’s latest credit crisis plan, but fell again Thursday and Friday as concerns set in that the Fed’s plan to inject a significant amount of money into the economy could fuel inflation. Optimists are quick to point out that any market rally is subject to pullbacks and anticipate that positive steps from the Obama-administration in dealing with righting the wrongs in the financial sector will reflect well on markets.

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