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  • Wall Street Rocked by Disappointing May Jobs Report - 6 June 2011
  • Analysts are anticipating volatility on Wall Street in the upcoming week, as investors come to grips with Friday's dismal jobs report which noted that only 54,000 jobs were created in the month of May as compared to April's figure of 232,000. This came as a huge disappointment to economists who have estimated that the economy needs to add around 150,000 jobs each month purely to keep up with population growth. Jobs over and above that figure would be addressing the problem of job losses. While economists were not expecting to repeat April's figure and were aiming for 170,000 jobs in May, the figure of 54,000 came as a shock to all, sending stocks plunging, and causing economists to make major adjustments in their growth projections.

  • Seed Funding – Risks vs Rewards - 2 June 2011
  • Seed funding, also referred to as venture capital, seed money or angel funding, involves collaboration between parties that have the common goal of participating in starting a business, with a view to reaping the rewards in the future. Entrepreneurs seeking seed money would need to convince investors that there is a strong possibility of gaining future rewards, bearing in mind that startup businesses carry a higher element of risk.

  • Lessons From Wall Street Legends - 30 may 2011
  • Many books have been written about Wall Street's legendary pioneers, as well as present-day players who stand out above the crowd. Some have been made into films, giving the movie-going public some insight into the fast-moving world of high finance, where fortunes are made and lost in the blink of an eye. With a complex system that requires stringent regulation, and has some bendable rules, very few have avoided making some bad choices during their Wall Street careers and generally mistakes that are made become public knowledge at some point. These mistakes and bad choices, as well as noteworthy success stories, provide worthwhile lessons for anyone considering making a living on the stock market.

  • Morgan Stanley to Use Social Media as Marketing Tool - 26 may 2011
  • Although Wall Street players enthusiastically supported LinkedIn's IPO last week, in an effort to control the indiscriminate distribution of information, the ever expanding world of social media has been off limits to brokers and financial advisors in the workplace. But it appears that the perceived benefits of moving with the times are set to outweigh concerns over privacy and confidentiality issues surrounding social media such as FaceBook and Twitter, as Morgan Stanley's wealth management division announced plans to making Twitter available to its more than 17,000 financial advisors. However, the goal of controlling information distribution has not changed, as all tweets must be approved by management before being sent out. Moreover, a selection of economic insights, investment tips and market updates deemed acceptable for general distribution will be made available to financial advisors to send out via Twitter.

  • Uncharted Territory - Social Media on Wall Street - 23 may 2011
  • As the first social media site to go public, LinkedIn's IPO last week created a surge of investor activity on Wall Street that was met with enthusiasm by some, and calls for caution by others. As the biggest Silicon Valley IPO since Google went public in 2004, the pre-IPO share price climbed to $45, and when the stock started trading on the New York Stock Exchange it hit an intra-day high of $122.70 before settling back to close the day at $94.25 per share - more than doubling in value and creating some billionaires along the way.

  • LinkedIn Trading on NYSE - 19 may 2011
  • Considered to be the most anticipated initial public offering to come out of Silicon Valley in years, LinkedIn will begin trading on the New York Stock Exchange on Thursday May 19, under the symbol LNKD. The social networking service aimed at bringing professionals together has been operating for eight years, and is now in the position to go public. Investors were eager to buy into Linked In, with its top of the range IPO share price at $45, valuing the company at $4.25 billion. The last American-owned Silicon Valley company to go public was Google, seven years ago. If this move by LinkedIn proves successful, it may well open the gates for other social media companies such as Twitter, Facebook, Groupon and Zynga to do the same.

  • Caution Prevails on Wall Street - 16 may 2011
  • With the month of May already half-way through, the general attitude on Wall Street appears to be one of caution, which analysts believe will continue into the coming week. Although stocks were doing well around two weeks ago, hitting levels that had not been seen in almost three years, investors are reportedly wary of the possible negative impact that the conclusion of the Federal Reserve’s bond buying program, commonly referred to as QE2, at the end of June will have on markets. Moreover, falling home prices have resulted in growing number of homeowners having mortgages that are higher than the value of their homes, with some choosing to use their limited income to pay for utilities and daily necessities, and defaulting on their mortgages. Homeowners who have received short-term assistance with modified mortgages are facing the prospect of having to return to the original mortgage terms, paying more for a house than it is worth. President Barack Obama has been reported as saying that he wanted mortgage modifications for extended terms, as well as principal reductions; however this has not been received favorably by banking groups and it remains to be seen if homeowners will receive sufficient assistance to prevent foreclosures.

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