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  • National, Communal, and Economic Clusters for Top Stock Picks (Part 1) - 20 February 2008
  • Not everyone cares for marketing, but it is behind many top stocks. We are all customers and equate marketing with common sense. Segmentation is one of the disciplines, which sets marketing professionals apart. Age, sex, wealth, and tongue are common ways of dividing a market. There is no money to be made from such easy exercises. Inspiration and hard work can, however, produce winning clusters. This article follows our earlier piece entitled “Customer Benefits versus Profits for Financial Planning Service Providers”. We want to take the marketing and stock value idea further.

  • National, Communal, and Economic Clusters for Top Stock Picks (Part 2) - 20 February 2008
  • National, Communal, and Economic Clusters for Top Stock Picks (Part 1)

    The Local Global Equation of Top Stocks

    Did you know that Pepsi has crab-flavored chips in Russia, and snacks with red-hot peppers in India? The Berlin media finds a Hindi film star who endorses Nokia in India, ‘sexier than the Pope’. Can you imagine that as a line to sell hand sets in Italy or Latin America? Anglo-Saxons may own most of the world’s top stocks, but you have to vibe with Sheikhs, Muslims, ethnic Chinese, and whoever else is a customer somewhere! Diversity in corporations in not just a social responsibility thing: it simply makes good business sense!

  • Is Small Prettier in Financial Planning? (Part 1) - 15 February 2008
  • Have you read our earlier publication “Customer Benefits versus Profits for Financial Planning Service Providers”? We brought you examples of how small community and regional banks have done better than the large international ones in 2008. Every week of early 2008 has brought more bad news about large financial institutions going down because of bad loans. Is there a lesson in how smaller banks have stayed away from such a mess? Should investors favor stocks of small businesses? Are there limits to profitable growth in the business world? Could future losses hide in today’s blue chips?

  • Is Small Prettier in Financial Planning? (Part 2) - 15 February 2008
  • Is Small Prettier in Financial Planning? (Part 1)

    Links between Marketing Metrics and Stock Value

    Naturally, stock investors do not know whether their companies use MBO or another management technique instead. Financial statements and management reviews focus on end results. The company with a top stock price may have started to slide, while another at the bottom of a stock exchange pile may have turned the corner. Customers are generally the first to know when management trends change, so perhaps we should stuff portfolios with stocks of things we buy! Marketing Metrics is one of the most current ways of predicting future stock price trends. How can you use this method for stock investment?

  • Customer Benefits versus Profits for Financial Planning Service Providers (Part 1) - 9 February 2008
  • This piece follows an earlier article we have published entitled “A Fitting Financial Planning Reply to Sub-Prime Rogues”. Our research in to relevant Business Management literature seems to suggest that executives cannot maintain upward stock price trends if customer integration is merely perfunctory. The stock market may have reasons to underscore the nominal aspects of financial planning, but true business value must be forged through marketing fundamentals. The matter assumes additional business importance when we consider the transition from tangible product features to intangible service benefits that seems to mark most stock exchange listings.

  • Customer Benefits versus Profits for Financial Planning Service Providers (Part 2) - 9 February 2008
  • Customer Benefits versus Profits for Financial Planning Service Providers (Part 1)

    Business Differences between External and Internal Marketing

    It is relatively safe for stock investors to support Internal Marketing investments, while continue to be skeptical of External Marketing extravaganzas. The People and Process elements of Internal Marketing are likely to be the most productive parts of a Marketing Mix. Unfortunately, most stock market quarters are more tuned to External Marketing developments, and little is known about the recruitment, training, and logistics planning processes of companies that are top stock picks of yesteryear. Studies of Internal Marketing processes over time, especially lean ones, can help stock investors distinguish between stocks of the past and others that are headed in to stagnation and decline.

  • Pricing Decisions and Stock Value (Part 1) - 7 February 2008
  • Nothing in the directly controllable domain of a professional manager can match pricing discretion, when it comes to immediate and dramatic effects on stock price. Operating margins will show effects within the quarter following a pricing decision, especially when management accounts segregate revenue trends due to volume changes from those because of unit price changes.

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