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  • Electronic Trading – Moving Ahead With the Times - 10 July 2008
  • The past few years have seen rapid advances in technology, which has in turn brought about significant changes in the way stock exchanges operate. Electronic trading has to a great extent taken over traditional stock market trading, which is understandable when considering that a computer generated transaction takes place in nanoseconds.

  • How Long Will the Bear be in Town? - 7 July 2008
  • In a US stock exchange trading week that was cut short by 4th of July celebrations, investors were coming to terms with the fact that a bear market has officially arrived. It is commonly accepted in investment circles that a 20 percent drop from the highs in the market, as measured by the Dow Jones Industrial Average, Nasdaq and S&P’s indices, is confirmation of a bear market.

  • 2008 Second Quarter Results Indicate Tough Times Not Over - 1 July 2008
  • With the second half of 2008 looming ahead, the general feeling among stock market investors and financial analysts is anything but optimistic. Following a nerve-racking first quarter, the second quarter of 2008 started off with many investors believing that the worst was over and that earnings growth and stocks would pick up as the year progressed. These high hopes were dealt a death blow as the effects of the credit crisis lingered, oil prices soared, inflation worries persisted and consumers continued to curb their spending.

  • NYSE Euronext Enters Middle East Market - 26 June 2008
  • Transatlantic stock exchange giant, NYSE Euronext, has surged ahead in its quest to gain ground as a truly global stock exchange by buying a 25 percent stake in the State of Qatar’s Doha securities market. A $250 million cash payment will seal the deal, giving NYSE Euronext a firm foothold in the fast-growing economy of the Middle East.

  • NASDAQ OMX Group – Making All the Right Moves - 24 June 2008
  • NASDAQ OMX Group’s U.S. and Nordic stock exchanges consolidated market performance statistics for the month of May 2008 were released on 23 June. Following the successful NASDAQ bid to buy the Swedish stock exchange OMX, the deal was finally completed on 27 February 2008, with the company now going by the name of NASDAQ OMX Group, Inc. As an American public company, NASDAQ OMX Group operates the New York based NASDAQ stock exchange, as well as eight OMX stock exchanges located in the Nordic and Baltic regions.

  • Russell 3000 Index – Setting Investment Benchmarks - 18 June 2008
  • The preliminary annual Russell 3000 Index, released late Friday 13 June 2008, indicates that the market value of stocks incorporated in the renowned Russell Investments Index has dropped by approximately $2 trillion during the past year. This is seen as a reflection of the overall decline in the market and the slow-moving U.S. economy. The reconstituted Russell 3000 index reflects an additional 278 new companies, while 176 companies will be removed from the index due to a significant decline in their market value.

  • The Principle of Owner Earnings when Investing - 11 June 2008
  • Good investors are constantly on the look out for metrics that can assist them in their assessment of the true worth of a company that they may be considering investing in. With hindsight being the only exact science, investing often comes down to making an educated guess. There are, however, a number of ways to minimize the guesswork when making investment decisions. One of these is making use of the principle of “owner earnings”.

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