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  • Lehman, Merrill, AIG Exacerbate Financial Sector Challenges - 15 September 2008
  • Factors which will no doubt play a major role in the markets on Monday 15 September, especially in the financial sector, include the fact that Wall Street stalwart Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. (NYSE: LEH) announced that it plans to file for bankruptcy, while negotiations are underway for global financial services firm, Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc. (NYSE:MER, TYO: 8675) to be sold to Bank of America, and insurer American International Group, Inc. (NYSE: AIG, TYO:8685, ISEQ: AIN) is undergoing a major restructure.

  • LSE’s Technology Woes May Prove Beneficial for Competitors - 10 September 2008
  • Recent rumblings of concern with regard to the increase in algorithmic, or black-box, trading, as well as stock exchanges becoming too reliant on technology, may very well be valid when considering the computer malfunction on Monday at the London Stock Exchange. Certainly, this could not have come at a worse time for the world’s third largest exchange. News of the U.S. federal government take-over of mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac triggered a flurry of activity in world-wide markets resulting in one of the biggest market rallies in the past five months – and LSE investors and dealers stood by helplessly, like a penniless child looking through a candy store window.

  • Google’s Chrome Aims for Share of Internet Browser Market - 3 September 2008
  • Google’s stock responded positively to the announcement by the company that it is launching its own web browser. The new browser, called Chrome, will compete against Apple’s Safari, Mozilla’s Firefox and arch-rival Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. The news of the launch follows hot on the heels of the release of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 8 and is seen as a challenge to Microsoft’s long-held dominance of the market. Microsoft controls an estimated 70 percent of the browser market at present and Google’s new software opens up a whole new aspect of the ongoing Google versus Microsoft saga.

  • Ecology and Environment Inc to Move Common Stock Listing to NASDAQ - 27 August 2008
  • The board of directors of Ecology and Environment Inc has given the go-ahead for company’s common stock listing to be moved from the American Stock Exchange (AMEX) to the NASDAQ Stock Market LLC. As from Monday 8 September, Ecology and Environment Inc will trade on NASDAQ under the symbol “EEI”.

  • Polo Ralph Lauren Receives Olympic Boost - 22 August 2008
  • Since the opening ceremony for the 2008 Beijing Olympics on 8 August, which saw the United States Olympic team parading through the Bird’s Nest Stadium kitted out in Ralph Lauren designed navy blue blazers, complete with the distinctive Polo logo, and white button downs with white trousers, Polo Ralph Lauren (NYSE: RL) has risen by 8.8 percent in New York Stock Exchange trading.

  • Analysts Fear That U.S. Market Has Not Yet Bottomed-Out - 19 August 2008
  • While the decrease in oil prices has to some extent soothed concerns about inflation, the U.S. market remains volatile and trading volumes continue to be disappointing. Investors and analysts who are searching for signs that the U.S. stock market has bottomed out are concerned that the significant changes in major indexes since the 2008 low on 15 July are an indication that the bottom has not yet been reached.

  • Chinese Infrastructure Investment Corp Joins NASDAQ - 13 August 2008
  • In an exciting new step that was no doubt inevitable, CIIV (China Infrastructure Investment Corporation) began trading on the NASDAQ National Capital Market on August 12. Their chosen new symbol is “CIIC” – something that is easy to spot and easy to interpret.

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