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  • Investors to Consider U.S. Economic Stimulus Package, Company Reports, January Barometer in the Week Ahead - 26 January 2009
  • With President Obama’s grim summing up of the nation’s economic situation on Saturday, and facing a barrage of company reports in the coming weeks, stock market players are hopeful that the fact that the Dow gained ground after wavering below the 8,000 point level for four days in a row, could very well indicate a bottoming out of the market. While some may see this as clutching at straws, others feel that the Obama administration’s proposed economic stimulus package may turn this hope into a reality.

  • Investors Cautiously Optimistic as First Trading Week of 2009 Kicks Off - 5 January 2009
  • The first trading day of 2009 on Wall Street proved to be somewhat encouraging, with advances across the board resulting in the Dow Jones industrial average rising 2.9 percent, the Nasdaq composite gaining 3.5 percent and the Standard & Poor’s 500 index rising 3.2 percent. With Monday 5 January signaling the start of the first full week of trading for 2009, U.S. investors are cautiously optimistic despite anticipating less than favorable economic news in the days ahead.

  • Will U.S. Investors Continue To Shrug Off Flow Of Bad News? - 8 December 2008
  • Friday’s U.S. stock market gains fueled hopes that the market may finally be bottoming out. While analysts are divided as to whether this is so, it certainly appears that investors are becoming somewhat accustomed to bad news and are trading anyway. At one point in Friday’s trading session the Dow was down 257 points, but rallied and ended the session with a gain of 3.1 percent, or 259 points to 8,635. The S&P 500 rose 3.7 percent, while the Nasdaq added 4.4 percent. The five-day decline for the Dow, S&P 500 and the Nasdaq was 2.2 percent, 2.2 percent and 1.8 percent respectively.

  • Likelihood of Big Three Bailout Boosts U.S. Markets - 3 December 2008
  • Confirming the general view that U.S. stock markets will continue to be volatile for some time yet, Tuesday saw a rally on Wall Street with the Dow Jones industrial average gaining 3.3 percent, while the Standard & Poor’s 500 climbed 4 percent and the Nasdaq composite index rose 3.7 percent. This follows Monday’s percentage losses of 7.7 for the Dow, 8.9 for the S&P 500 and 9 percent for the Nasdaq composite. The three major U.S. automakers were the center of attention throughout the session, which saw stocks rallying sharply in the early afternoon, only to drop back and then rally through the close.

  • Will Black Friday Rescue U.S. Retailers? - 28 November 2008
  • Traditionally many retailers have viewed Black Friday as the means to pull them out of the red and into the black financially speaking (hence the name), but this year Black Friday is generally being viewed with trepidation as analysts predict that cash strapped Americans will be carefully considering every dollar they spend. Retailers throughout the U.S. have battled through a difficult year, with many going out of business or declaring bankruptcy, so Black Friday has now more than ever before become a light at the end of a long dark tunnel for many businesses relying on consumer spending to keep them going.

  • Monday’s Stock Market Rally Seen as Endorsement of Obama’s Economic Team - 25 November 2008
  • Markets in the United States and around the world rallied on Monday, which many see as an endorsement of Barack Obama’s choice for his administration’s economic team. The additional government bailout package for banking giant Citibank also contributed to the spirit of optimism reflected in Monday’s stock market activity. The Dow Jones industrial average rose 4.9 percent, the Standard & Poor’s 500 gained 6.4 percent and the Nasdaq composite index rose by more than 6 percent. For the Dow and S&P 500, the two-day percentage gain was the biggest experienced since October 1987, while the point gain over the two trading days was the biggest ever.

  • Stock Markets Dive As Investor Anxiety Grows Over State Of Global Economy, U.S. Automakers and Oil Prices - 20 November 2008
  • As anticipated by many analysts, stock market volatility is far from over. U.S. stock markets dropped dramatically on Wednesday as concerns relating to the economy, highlighted by the uncertainty of the future of the U.S. auto industry, caused investors to dump stock near close of trade, erasing Tuesday’s gains. The Dow Jones industrial average closed below the 8,000 mark, a state of affairs which has not been seen since March 2003. The Dow was down 5.1 percent, with all 30 Dow components ending the session lower. The Standard & Poor’s 500 index sank 6 percent, also its lowest level since March 2003, while the Nasdaq composite dropped 6.5 percent, settling at it lowest level since April 2003.

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