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  • Alternative Financial Planning to Revive a Flagging National Economy (Part 2) - 6 February 2008
  • Alternative Financial Planning to Revive a Flagging National Economy (Part 1)

    6. Limit spending on Presidential campaigns, and achieve transparency on Political Action Committees and assorted routes of soft money. Funnel the cash to create new jobs and to cut budgetary deficits. Let no one confabulate in secret on the powers that votes confer!

  • The Basel II Solution to Sub-Prime and Related Financial Planning (Part 1) - 1 February 2008
  • The cataclysmic effects of the sub-prime crisis of 2007 need not have happened at all. Since the retirement financial planning of large numbers of families is at stake, and since so many stocks of the financial sector have been disastrously affected, the Basel norms that US banks have declined to implement for years, needs a detailed and public review. Ask groups of people whose financial planning and stock portfolios have been buffeted by the sub-prime crisis, if they are aware of the safeguards provided by the Basel norms. Ask your banker if his or her employer is Basel II compliant. You will quickly discover that banks and regulators have taken unconscionable risks with your money.

  • The Basel II Solution to Sub-Prime and Related Financial Planning (Part 2) - 1 February 2008
  • The Basel II Solution to Sub-Prime and Related Financial Planning (Part 1)

    It does not end there. Banks have sold sub-prime debts to each other. Each of these transactions gave a second set of professional banker personnel, new opportunities to apply Basel norms to what their peers had done. Gross violations of risk management guidelines were overlooked every time bankers traded sub-prime loans. The losers of this round were investors with stocks in the financial sector. There is a strong moral case for investors whose funds have been used to discount sub-prime loans, to be compensated for negligence in observing Basel norms. The US Federal Reserve is party to this mess because it waited all the way until November 2007 before even getting banks to agree to adhere to the Basel II norms.

  • Why the Stock Market in India should hang on to Syngenta - 9 July 2007
  • You cannot beat an Indian stock market for sheer gullibility. A company which owes its very founding to an investor community leverages the profits it has milked to de-list, and all the stock market police can think of saying is “fine!”

  • Stock Market Secrets for Informed Trading in Futures - 15 June 2007
  • The stock market is green with envy at every story of success with futures. Who would not like to live the life of a rogue trader who bucks trends, deals with incredible margins, and makes lifetimes of wealth in hours! Amateurs and novices may look on in wonder as dream deals are made, with enormous profits realized with just marginal investments, but modern and skilled professionals are increasingly savvy about the systems and procedures which should support all dealings in futures. It would be naïve to sing the praises of futures with no word about the nightmarish turns they can take, but again systematic dealing can mitigate most of these potential hardships.

  • Safe Stock Market Decisions on Margins - 13 June 2007
  • Stock market operations on margin money are no different from any other loans. It is common to give margin buying a bad name, but one should not blame a legitimate trading option for careless, poorly informed, and avaricious decisions which individuals may take. Margin buying has helped a number of veterans make their marks on trading floors. It remains a valid resource for skilled investors.

  • Stock Market Lessons from SABMiller - 8 June 2007
  • What can beat a long glass of cold beer after an exhilarating day on the stock market?

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