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  • Environmental Scanning for Stocks from the Business of Education (Part 1) - 14 February 2008
  • It is worth taking the time to understand the term. Everyone scans the environment, from a hungry eagle to a child pitcher on a playground mound. Some of us do it unconsciously, but spotting the most relevant opportunities and threats needs skill. What better way can there be than practicing with live examples? Please visit our earlier piece on this web site with the title “Perspective Environmental Scanning for Accurate Stock Price Prediction”. This article attempts to illustrate the method of Environmental Scanning through an example from the field of education.

  • Environmental Scanning for Stocks from the Business of Education (Part 2) - 14 February 2008
  • Environmental Scanning for Stocks from the Business of Education (Part 1)

    The Global Opportunity for Education Stocks

    Look around campuses of the best colleges and universities. You are likely to find more ethnic minorities strolling around than on the streets outside. Students from countries such as India and China tend to get good grades. The outsourcing story also points us in the direction of education in emerging countries. There are huge demands to learn spoken English, our working methods, and social habits. The new economies also need scientists and technologists for their growth plans. The net result is an explosion in the demand for quality education.

  • Perspective Environmental Scanning for Accurate Stock Price Prediction (Part 1) - 11 February 2008
  • Forecasting qualities and profits from stocks go hand-in-hand. The stock market mechanism depends largely on differing projections about the future outcomes of current business developments. We have published an article on this web site entitled “Stock Investment Tutorial from Sub-Prime Gainers”. This piece takes the earlier article forward, so that all of us can strive for the professional acumen of former regulators, present consultants, and their distinguished cronies. Though it does help speed up matters if you have buildings full of analysts at your command, classic business management techniques of environmental scanning do not have capital moats of entry barriers.

  • Perspective Environmental Scanning for Accurate Stock Price Prediction (Part 2) - 11 February 2008
  • Perspective Environmental Scanning for Accurate Stock Price Prediction (Part 1)

    Networking for Exclusive Financial Planning

    There is no established alternative to domain expertise for top stock picks through environmental scanning. You can develop a theory about a business model, and trace life cycle links through academic means. However, you will probably never be certain enough about your modeling to back it with meaningful stock investment decisions. Can you sell blue chips just because of a notion that the future for that sector or player may not be as bright as today? Can you risk your savings on pink stocks just because you feel that they may have great futures? You can certainly aspire to be invited to the right events, but how do you differentiate between small talk and real leads?

  • Stock Investment Tutorial from Sub-Prime Gainers (Part 1) - 8 February 2008
  • Do not despair that only the rich, powerful, and connected have made windfalls from sub-prime, for the foresight for successful financial planning can be yours as well! Celebrity stock investors of Manhattan employ former Chair People of the US Federal Reserve, while their iconic financial institution neighbors appoint a former British Prime Minister to their Boards, but you can use business management fundamentals to achieve the same financial planning ends. There is never a guarantee that your earnings will match the fairy tale riches of former regulators, ambassadors, and politicians, but the downsides of losses-material and of face-are proportionately lower as well. We can all learn from the calculated moves of sophisticated and successful stock investors, and improve our own financial planning as a specific result. We are pleased to start this new series-participative as always- on how to profit from gross errors of financial governance.

  • Stock Investment Tutorial from Sub-Prime Gainers (Part 2) - 8 February 2008
  • Stock Investment Tutorial from Sub-Prime Gainers (Part 1)

    Which is the Next Stock Market Bubble?

    There are indications that individuals who have benefited from the sub-prime woes of 2007 are now focused on automobile loans and credit card debts for 2008. Some stock investors look forward to construction projects in territories liberated from their former rulers by US military forces, while others hope that the 30-year hiatus in new projects for US nuclear power plant manufacturers will soon be broken by India.

  • Alternative Financial Planning to Revive a Flagging National Economy (Part 1) - 6 February 2008
  • Stock market volatility makes writing these articles hell! You have hardly finished research on why the stock market has crashed, when it stages an exaggerated recovery in response to yet another regulatory interest rate cut! It does not help matters when so many stock exchange operators all over the globe count so heavily on the Chair Person of the US Federal Reserve. We are so dizzy following crazy stock price trends that we have thought of a new series on how to stave off recession threats. Why do we need so many financial planning wizards if higher margins for sub-prime Gurus are all it takes to save a national economy?

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