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  • Fed Economic Projections and Your Stock Strategy - 27 February 2008
  • 2008 no longer looks as bright to the Fed as it did last October. It has lowered its GDP growth rate estimate, and raised the figures for unemployment and inflation. The figures are not as bad for 2009 and 2010, but who knows what the Fed could think as those years draw closer?

  • Invest Your Stimulus Check in the Right Stock for Lasting Pleasure - 26 February 2008
  • Word is out that the stimulus may last the economy one night or less. There may be little that you can do to make the government cut spending; why gripe anyway, if a check will shortly be in your mail? Some of the stimulus may be for your children; you should use every windfall to close high-interest debts as well. However, what if you are free of sub-prime, and have no family responsibilities either? Will you blow your check on that dream encounter with an electronic toy? The NYSE and most of its peers in the stock market world have plenty of goodies in which you can invest for sustainable financial returns.

  • Should Today’s Trader Sell Stock for Gold? - 25 February 2008
  • Real estate and apartments could be better! At least one Guru Trader has said that trading is like gambling, but could that be a curve ball? Many stock market web sites offer to train novices; those resources suggest that a trader can use a proper system to pick stock for short-term gains.

  • The Small Business Route to Better Financial Planning (Part 1) - 23 February 2008
  • Please take a look at our earlier piece entitled “Can a “Made in USA" Financial Planning Strategy Save Us from Recession” The 2008 Economic Stimulus Package makes serious attempts to get small business going. That is the inspiration for this piece. You could be in a salaried job, have a small enterprise going already, or simply be on the look-out for extra cash: here is a forum which you can use.

  • The Small Business Route to Better Financial Planning (Part 2) - 23 February 2008
  • The Small Business Route to Better Financial Planning (Part 1)

    Tax Incentives to Stimulate Small Business Investment (continued)

    The other fruit on the Economic Stimulus Package tree that you must pluck is the extra $125 thousand of equipment investment you can write-off in 2008. You do not have to go all the way to the ceiling, but what an opportunity this is to ramp up your small business! There are any numbers of door-step services in your neighborhood that are either scarce or provided by illegal immigrants. Now is the time for you to get the equipment that can take your hobby, skill, or strength to a new commercial level. Cooking is one favorite: Brooklyn Cheesecake sold all its baking equipment in 2006. This company from Fairfield, NJ now licenses its trade-marks. Is selling confectionery under the “The Healthy Bakery” label exciting, or what? Who knows-perhaps you can register an even better name! Converting a part of your home in to an office, setting up your own fuel-cell electricity generator, starting an organic farm, and starting a video-conferencing center, are just random samples of the innumerable new cash generating investments in equipment that you can choose.

  • Does Stock Price Depend Excessively on Impression Management? (Part 1) - 19 February 2008
  • Why should you care? Stock price should be proportional to earnings. You buy or hold stocks if business prospects appear bright. The latter could be something stock brokers and the media tell you: you may also be the clever type who goes against the general trend. However, what could this have to do with Impression Management?

  • Does Stock Price Depend Excessively on Impression Management? (Part 2) - 19 February 2008
  • Does Stock Price Depend Excessively on Impression Management? (Part 1)

    Track Records of Stock Analysts and Investment Advisors

    What if you find business a bore? Does the stock market have space for folks who want superior returns on investments without spending all day on company and economic news? The trick lies in finding reliable advisers. Here is a test: go the archives section of your favorite web site, and find out what stock analysts said this time last year. Greenspan’s present clients made billions from sub prime because they knew about the gathering storm when this consultant of today was still Chair Person of the Federal Reserve. Federal Impression Management did not work with community banks however. They stayed away from sub prime, and have excellent business results for 2007 to show.

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