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  • Join Bernanke Since You Cannot Beat Him - 27 March 2008
  • God Give Me the Grace to Change What I Can,
    The Wisdom to Accept What I Cannot,
    And the Wisdom to Know the Difference

  • Stock with Two Bulls Can Keep Any Bear at Bay - 26 March 2008
  • A surge can work for stock as well. Use economic powers like horse power. Two stock strengths will help you ride out a slow-down. Add sector strength to high GDP growth. This is the Aluminum Corporation of China Limited (NYSE: ACH) way. The Metal Mining Industry is one of the most stable parts of the Basic Materials Sector. You must know of the incredible economic growth in China. We have a recent publication, on one of our sister web sites, on how business and the economy are managed in China. You can read about it at:

  • Get Rich this Recession with Balance Sheet Basics for Top Stock Picks - 25 March 2008
  • Why do stock analysts dwell more on Profit & Loss statements than on Balance Sheets? Is this financial analysis trend an extension of putting top lines ahead of Net Profits and Cash Flows? Do not blame stock brokers for luring you in to needless daily stock trading. Your own mind is responsible.

  • Buy Stocks with All Weather Assets You Can Count - 24 March 2008
  • We like Retail (Apparel) Industry stocks. Bernanke has a point. The economy is not that bad. Even the President says so. Besides, even democrats will need new wardrobes for summer. Only bulls and bears roam naked. We are level headed investors.

  • Financial Planning Lessons from Bear Stearns for You - 21 March 2008
  • The editor does not allow too many words. So let us cut to the chase.

  • The A, B, and W of Stocks - 20 March 2008
  • Adversity makes us return to basics. This seems to be an appropriate juncture to revise stock investment basics. Are you an alpha or a beta person? Sure, all of us do a little bit of both during pitches on a stock market mound. However, it is like an intimate preference: you have to prefer either the alpha or the beta approach.

  • Do Not Hang Stock Market Decisions on a PEG - 19 March 2008
  • We are here to help. Are you confused on the choice between P/E and PEG? Ask at our forum and get a response within 24 hours. We are at your service on Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and every other holiday in the world. We can build an interactive glossary together, crediting you with every contribution, even if it is a simple query.

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